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Former postdoctoral fellows
Matthew Weaver, Lead Quantum Engineer at QphoX
Simon Baier
, Senior postdoc at Universität Innsbruck
Peter Humphreys, Research Scientist at DeepMind
Cristian Bonato
, Assistant Professor at Heriot-Watt University
Anaïs Dréau
, CNRS researcher at Laboratoire Charles Coulomb
Wouter Westerveld
, Assistant Professor at Faculty 3ME at Delft University of Technology
Andreas Reiserer
, Group leader at MPQ
Tim Taminiau
, Group leader at QuTech
Lucio Robledo
, Haag-Streit

Former graduate students
Matteo Pompili, Thesis
Maximilian Ruf
, Thesis
Suzanne van Dam
, Deployment Strategist at Palantir Technologies, Thesis
Norbert Kalb
, Software Engineer at Google, Thesis
Stefan Bogdanovic, Postdoc at Harvard, Thesis
Bas Hensen, Postdoc at UNSW, Thesis
Julia Cramer, Assistant Professor at Leiden University, Thesis
Machiel Blok, Assistant Professor at University of Rochester, Thesis
Hannes Bernien, Assistant Professor at University of Chicago, Thesis
Wolfgang Pfaff, Researcher at Microsoft Station Q, Delft, Thesis
Gijs de Lange, Researcher at Microsoft Station Q, Delft, Thesis
Toeno van der Sar, Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology, Thesis

Former master students
Sarel Niese
Otmar Ubbens
Christian Primavera
Lisa de Kluijver
Laurens Feije
Annick Teepe
Kamiel Dankers
Chris van Egmond

Stein Faes
Thomas Middelburg
Marianne Teng
Guus Evers
Santiago Sager La Ganga
Hans Beukers
Romy van Es
Mark IJspeert, Graduate student, University of Oxford
Airat Galiullin
Jesse Slim, Graduate student, AMOLF
Jacob Bakermans, Graduate student, University of Oxford
Jaco Morits, TNO
Arian Stolk, Graduate student, Hanson Lab, Delft
Anne-Marije Zwerver, Graduate student, Vandersypen Lab, Delft
Michiel Bakker, Graduate student, MIT
Koen van Bemmelen, Cartesius 2
Aboubakr el Mahdaoui
Lisanne Coenen, ASML
Sten Kamerling, ASML
Just Ruitenberg, Phillips Eindhoven
Arthur Vos, McKinsey & Company
Ilse van Weperen, Trainee Patent Attorney at EP&C
Ron Schutjens, Graduate student, Eindhoven University of Technology
Diego Risté, Raytheon BBN Technologies
Adriaan Rol, Graduate student, DiCarlo Lab Delft
Gerwin Koolstra, Graduate student, University of Chicago
Jelmer Wagenaar, Primaned
Oleksiy Onischenko, Graduate student, University of Amsterdam
Greg Dmochowski

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