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Stefano Bosco’s research group concentrates on multiple facets of the theory surrounding semiconducting quantum computing, focusing in particular on the microscopic modeling of spin qubits and hybrid superconducting-semiconducting devices. The primary objective is to enhance quantum information processing in a manner that is both hardware-specific and scalable. Through close collaboration with experimental research teams, we aim to deepen the physical understanding of ongoing experiments. Additionally, we seek to devise practical strategies to overcome crucial limitations inherent in current hardware and propose blueprints for the next generation of large-scale spin qubit processors.

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Stefano Bosco was trained in nanoelectronics engineering at Politecnico di Milano during his bachelor’s and at KU Leuven, and Chalmers University for his master’s degree. His interest in new technologies led him to the field of quantum computing, with the goal of understanding and designing innovative devices to best process fragile quantum information. This was the main focus first of his PhD at the Institute of Quantum Information at RWTH Aachen and FZJ Jülich in the group of David DiVincenzo, where he graduated summa cum laude (‘with distinction’) in 2019. Afterwards, he held a postdoc position at the University of Basel in the group of Daniel Loss and in 2022 as a staff scientist at the University of Basel.

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