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Quantum technologies are complex. So complex, that no single research group or organization can realize the promise of quantum computing alone. That is why we collaborate with industry and academia to deliver on this promise, building the required systems, growing the supply chain, developing new applications, products and services.

In Delft, a new ecosystem of research and companies already emerged around QuTech, one of the leading players in quantum technology. Will you join us in creating the quantum future?


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Or maybe just want a visit. Together with Quantum for Business, we offer regular two-hour Round Tables for senior management of organisations that are starting their quantum journey. The sessions take place at QuTech and include presentations by management, discussions and a lab tour.

Continue reading for a selection of our (inter)national collaborations.

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Quantum Delft: building an ecosystem for innovation

We believe in an ecosystem’s approach and work with companies and spin-outs in our direct surroundings. The newly formed community of quantum-tech research groups and business in Delft formally launched in 2020 as Quantum Delft: a vibrant ecosystem where top-quality scientists, engineers, students and entrepreneurs work together on the frontier of quantum.

Visit the Quantum Delft website for more information.

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Would you like to join us in creating the quantum future?