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At QuTech we have formed strong collaborations with industry partners to help us in our mission to develop scalable quantum computers and a quantum internet. Together we innovate, develop test beds, build the required systems, grow the supply chain, and develop new applications, products and services.

Please find here just a few examples and highlights of our collaborations with industry:

  • QuTech and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology in Aachen are closely cooperating on the development and deployment of complex quantum communication networks across borders and develop integrated photonics solutions for such networks.
  • QuTech has a long-standing collaboration with Intel, going back to 2015. One of the significant results was the delivery of the first qubit made in the same industrial manufacturing facilities that mass-produce conventional computer chips, in March 2022. In June 2023, both parties decided to continue their collaboration beyond 2025, focusing on cryogenic electrical interfaces for scalable quantum computers.
  • Fujitsu and QuTech are combining efforts in a running multi-year research project. The aim of the project is to develop the building blocks for a modular quantum computer, based on diamond spin qubits. By joining forces, both parties seek to stay at the forefront of quantum technology. Read more on the QuTech – Fujitsu collaboration on the collaboration project pages or in this interview with Shintaro Sato, head of the Quantum Laboratory at Fujitsu.
  • QuTech, Eurofiber and Juniper Networks have launched a Quantum testbed connecting several datacenter locations in The Netherlands. This testbed enables, amongst other applications of quantum cryptography, a way for partners to explore secure communications based on the fundamental laws of quantum physics.
  • SURF and QuTech are combining strengths in the LUMI-Q project. Collaborating with consortium partners we will enable a hybrid classical-quantum workflow between the high-performance computers of LUMI and SURF, the quantum computer of LUMI-Q, and the quantum computers in the Quantum Inspire network to provide Europe with a powerful infrastructure to experiment with new hybrid algorithms and workflows that combine the best of supercomputers and quantum computers in one network.
  • The QCINed project forms the Dutch part of EuroQCI, which will be a secure quantum communication infrastructure spanning the whole EU, allowing for secure communications between member states. In three locations in the Netherlands, the Technical University of Eindhoven, Quantum Delta NL, SURF, and QuTech are working together with partners from industry and government on Quantum Key Distribution networks and testbeds. Large parts of these testbeds are using the QKD technology developed at QuTech and supplied by Delft spin-out Q*Bird.

  • KPN, SURF, OPNT, Fraunhofer and QuTech are collaborating to make significant progress in building a first-ever quantum network connecting the Randstad (the main metropolitan region in The Netherlands), connecting different quantum processors over significant distances, using existing Dutch networks. Read more.
  • QuTech has had a long and fruitful collaboration with Microsoft, which lead to the opening of a Microsoft research lab on the TU Delft premises.
  • Together with ABN AMRO, QuTech has investigates advanced quantum key distribution to ensure optimally secured data traffic and making online and mobile banking future-proof.
  • We collaborated with KPN on realizing a Dutch quantum internet testbed connecting multiple Dutch cities.
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Interview with Shintaro Sato, head of the Quantum Laboratory at Fujitsu

In this interview, Shintaro Sato, Head of Quantum Laboratory at Fujitsu, talks about the QuTech collaboration that focuses on NV Center qubits and protocols for controlling these qubits.

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Technology transfer

QuTech’s mission implies a close cooperation between science, engineering, and business. Business development and technology transfer are therefore of growing importance within QuTech.

Read more about it in our Annual Reports.

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