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Quantum communication between any two places on earth

A future quantum internet will connect (quantum) computers all over the world. It will enable to send and receive information using quantum bits (qubits) that follow the rules of quantum mechanics. In the Quantum Internet division, our goal is to develop technologies to enable quantum communication between any two places on earth.

For this radically new technology several major new and potentially game-changing applications have already been identified. One such application is to provide a fundamentally secure way of communication, in which privacy is guaranteed by the laws of physics. Also, quantum processors can be connected into a quantum network in order to assemble a large quantum computing cluster. This approach is called networked quantum computing and offers a natural path towards scalability, complementary to the quantum computing work. Combining a quantum internet and a networked quantum computer allows remote users/providers to perform secure quantum computing ‘in the cloud’.

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Our goals are to:


Develop a full control stack and novel applications for a quantum internet;


Perform experimental demonstrations, some of which already compatible with existing telecom infrastructure, that push the frontier of quantum networking and yield new techniques and insights;


Develop and exploit multi-qubit quantum processors for use in quantum internet and networked computing, with current focus on diamond-based spin qubits.

What is a quantum internet, and more importantly, why do we need it?


QuTech, coordinator of The Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA)

QuTech is honoured to serve as technical coordinator of the Quantum Internet Alliance. QIA is a community made up of forty of Europe’s leading academic, industrial and research technology organisations in nine countries, working to together to build the world’s first full-stack prototype quantum internet network. They’re building the world’s first full-stack quantum internet prototype network. It’s one step towards the ultimate goal of building a global quantum internet that will benefit governments, businesses and individuals.

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