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Fundamentally new internet technology

The internet – a vast network connecting devices anywhere on earth using long-range classical communication – has had a revolutionary impact on our world. It provided us with new ways of sharing and accessing information from all around the world. The long-term vision of a quantum internet is to provide a fundamentally new internet technology by enabling the transmission of quantum bits. Such a quantum internet will – in synergy with the ‘classical’ internet that we have today – connect quantum processors in order to provide unparalleled capabilities that are impossible using classical communication.

One aim of the Quantum Internet Demonstrator is to connect several cities in the Randstad with a quantum network and showcase the operational capabilities of a quantum internet to the world.

A second aim is to lay a basis for national quantum-secure network, including access for the testing of relevant innovation questions and industrial applications. We will develop and integrate new hardware and software components for quantum networks, and test innovations in a concept phase. In addition, the quantum internet demonstrator provides an ideal starting point for growing a European quantum network.

One of the reasons that the classical internet was able to grow so quickly was that, from the outset, access for network engineers, programmers and users was straightforward and cheap. The creation of a similar environment can give the quantum internet the boost needed to take it to the next level. Indeed, we are already working together with several partners (see here and here) to realize the first Quantum Internet Demonstrator.

Currently we are working on two complementary network technologies within the demonstrator program:

  • The world-first quantum internet based on linked qubit systems based on Nitrogen-Vacancies (NV) centres in diamond.
  • An MDI-QKD network that will enable end-to-end security to all clients connected to a central point, and is fundamentally more secure than point-to-point QKD systems due to its quantum measurement in the central point.

Quantum Network Explorer (QNE)

With our Quantum Network Explorer (QNE), everybody will be able to gain online access to our quantum internet demonstrator and learn about its applications and capabilities. Via QNE, we will showcase our developments and make quantum technology accessible to a wider audience and future users, who can use it to:
• Engage and play with the technology
• Become educated
• Share back, e.g. by developing own quantum protocols and share this with others
• Work together towards making quantum internet a reality

Join the quantum revolution: visit QNE!