Spin-outs, startups and the Delft quantum ecosystem

At QuTech, we believe in an ecosystem’s approach and work with companies and spin-outs in our direct surroundings. The companies in the Delft ecosystem are transforming laboratory discoveries into real-world applications, broadening the quantum realm to encompass a growing number of people and disciplines. They include startups and scale-ups in quantum computing and quantum networking, but also international companies who are joining House of Quantum to set up a Dutch or European presence close to the quantum talent that has gathered here.

  • After operating as an engineering group inside QuTech for three years, Q*Bird launched in 2023. They provide technology for quantum secure networking, upgradable to future connectivity. One example is a new quantum network they are building for the Port of Rotterdam stakeholders to use for their critical communication systems.
  • QuTech spinoff Quantware, which finds its origins in the DiCarlo lab, is the leading supplier of quantum processors, with technology that will allow them to significantly scale the number of qubits in a single processor.
  • Spin-out Orange Quantum Systems was launched in 2020. They support R&D labs with custom characterization and calibration software, and develop customized full-stack setups for R&D into quantum computing. In September 2022, they were one of the winners of the first ‘Quantum SME call’.
  • We work with spinoff QBlox on qubit control electronics. In March 2022, QBlox announced it would become the first Dutch company to join the Quantum Economic Development Consortium. In 2023, Deloitte named Qblox the fastest-growing high-tech hardware company in the Netherlands.
  • Other examples of pioneering companies that are part of the Delft ecosystem are QphoX and Single Quantum.
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