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Menno Veldhorst (Harderwijk, 1984) is the QuTech Academy lead. Veldhorst received his PhD-degree cum laude in 2012 for his research on superconducting and topological hybrids at the university of Twente and was awarded the PhD Overijssel award (see also). He then moved to the university of New South Wales in Sydney to work on quantum computation using silicon quantum dots. Highlights were the demonstration of quantum operations on a single qubit and quantum operations between two qubits. These two together represented the first demonstration of universal quantum logic in silicon, an important step towards a silicon quantum computer, and announced by Physics World as one the top ten breakthroughs in physics in 2015.


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The scientific breakthroughs in quantum computation over the past years have put is now at the exciting stage where an actual quantum computer is becoming in sight. While many scientific hurdles still have to be taken, major companies are now stepping in the race to accelerate the research activities that enable quantum technology to become a reality. One of the few remaining qubit candidates that can serve as the building block for a large-scale universal quantum computer is the spin an electron. Individual electrons can be defined in an almost identical way as the silicon transistor. While this provides an important advantage in scalability, as billions of transistors can be realized on a single chip, a crucial challenge is to control all the individual ‘personalities’ that qubits tend to have and to operate them with very high accuracy. The aim at Qutech is to realize robust and high-quality qubits that can be scaled. The experiments that we carry out require a deep understanding, a lot of creativity and state-of-the-art technology, but have the potential to become the road towards a large-scale quantum computer; all on silicon chip.

Artist impression of a silicon quantum computer performing single- and two-qubit operations

Enthusiastic students and postdocs looking for an opening please feel free to contact me.

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e-mail: m.veldhorst@tudelft.nl