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Fast two-qubit logic with holes in germanium
N.W. Hendrickx, D.P. Franke, A. Sammak, G. Scappucci, M. Veldhorst
Nature 577, 487-491 (2020)


A single-hole spin qubit
N.W. Hendrickx, W.I.L. Lawrie, L. Petit, A. Sammak, G. Scappucci, M. Veldhorst

Quantum Dot Arrays in Silicon and Germanium
W.I.L. Lawrie, H.G.J. Eenink, N.W. Hendrickx, J.M. Boter, L.Petit, S.V.Amitonov, M.Lodari, B.Paquelet Wuetz, C.Volk, S.Philips, G. Droulers, N. Kalhor, F. van Riggelen, D. Brousse, A. Sammak, L. M. K. Vandersypen, G. Scappucci, M. Veldhorst

Ballistic supercurrent discretization and micrometer-long Josephson coupling in germanium
N.W. Hendrickx, M.L.V. Tagliaferri, M. Kouwenhoven, R. Li, D.P. Franke, A. Sammak, A. Brinkman, G. Scappucci, M. Veldhorst
Physical Review B 99, 075435 (2019)

Tunable Coupling and Isolation of Single Electrons in Silicon Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Quantum Dots
G.J. Eenink, L. Petit, W.I.L. Lawrie, J.S. Clarke, L.M.K. Vandersypen, M. Veldhorst
Nano Letters 2019, 19, 12, 8653-8657


Rent’s rule and extensibility in quantum computing
D.P. Franke, J.S. Clarke, L.M.K. Vandersypen, M.Veldhorst
arxiv: 1806.02145

The impact of classical control electronics on qubit fidelity
J.P.G. van Dijk, E. Kawakami, R.N. Schouten, M. Veldhorst, L.M.K. vandersypen, M. Babaie, E. Charbon, F. Sebastiano
arxiv: 1803.06176

Impact of valley phase and splitting on readout of silicon spin qubits
L.V. Tagliaferri, P.L. Bavdaz, W. Huang, A.S. Dzurak, D. Culcer, M. Veldhorst
journal: Phys Review B 97,245412 (2018)

Spin lifetime and charge noise in hot silicon quantum dot qubits
L. Petit, J.M. Boter, H.G.J. Eenink, G. Droulers, M.L.V. Tagliaferri, R. Li, D.P. Franke, K.J. Singh,J.S. Clarke, R.N. Schouten, V.V. Dobrovitski, L.M.K. Vandersypen, M. Veldhorst



Gate-controlled quantum dots and superconductivity in planar germanium
N.W. Hendrickx, D.P. Franke, A. Sammak, M. Kouwenhoven, D. Sabbagh, L. Yeoh, R. Li, M.L.V. Tagliaferri, M. Virgilio, G. Capellini, G. Scappucci, M. Veldhorst
Nature Communications 9, 2835 (2018)

Spin filling and orbital structure of the first six holes in a silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor quantum dot
S. D. Liles, R. Li, C. H. Yang, F. E. Hudson, M. Veldhorst, A. S. Dzurak, A. R. Hamilton


Quantum error correction in crossbar architectures
J. Helsen, M. Steudtner, M. Veldhorst, S. Wehner

A crossbar network for silicon quantum dot qubits
R. Li, L. Petit, D.P. Franke, J.P. Dehollain, J. Helsen, M. Steudtner, N.K. Thomas, Z.R. Yoscovits, K.J. Singh, S. Wehner, L.M.K. Vandersypen, J.S. Clarke, M. Veldhorst

Electron g-factor of valley states in realistic silicon quantum dots
R. Ruskov, M. Veldhorst, A.S. Dzurak, C. Tahan

A programmable two-qubit quantum processor in silicon
T.F. Watson, S.G.J. Philips, E. Kawakami, D.R. Ward, P. Scarlino, M. Veldhorst, D.E. Savage, M.G. Lagally, M. Friesen, S.N. Coppersmith, M.A. Eriksson, and L.M.K. Vandersypen

Integrated silicon qubit platform with single-spin addressability, exchange control and robust single-shot singlet-triplet readout
M.A. Fogarty, K.W. Chan, B. Hensen, W. Huang, T. Tanttu, C.H. Yang, A. Laucht, M. Veldhorst, F.E. Hudson, K.M. Itoh, D. Culcer, A. Morello, and A.S. Dzurak

Interface induced spin-orbit interaction in silicon quantum dots and prospects for scalability
R. Ferdous, K.W. Chan, M. Veldhorst, J.C.C. Hwang, C.H. Yang, G. Klimeck, A. Morello, A.S. Dzurak, R. Rahman

Silicon CMOS architecture for a spin-based quantum computer
M. Veldhorst, H.G.J. Eenink, C.H. Yang, and A.S. Dzurak
journal: Nature Communications 8, 1766 (2017)

Interfacing spin qubits in quantum dots and donors – hot, dense and coherent
L.M.K. Vandersypen, H. Bluhm, J.S. Clarke, A.S. Dzurak, R. Ishihara, A. Morello, D.J. Reilly, L.R. Schreiber and M. Veldhorst
journal: Quantum Information 3, 34 (2017)

Impact of g-factors and valleys on spin qubits in a silicon double quantum dot
J.C.C. Hwang, C.H. Yang, M. Veldhorst, N. Hendrickx, M.A. Fogarty, W. Huang, F.E. Hudson, A. Morello, and A.S. Dzurak
journal: Physical Review B 96, 045302 (2017).

An electrically driven spin qubit based on valley mixing
W. Huang, M. Veldhorst, N.M. Zimmerman, A.S. Dzurak, and D. Culcer
journal: Physical Review B 95, 075403 (2017)


Spin-orbit coupling and operation of multivalley spin qubits
Veldhorst, R. Ruskov, C.H. Yang, J.C.C. Hwang, F.E. Hudson, M.E. Flatté, C. Tahan, K.M. Itoh, A. Morello, and A.S. Dzurak
journal: Physical Review B 92, 201401 (R) 2015

Multiple Fermi pockets revealed by Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in WTe2
F.X. Xiang, M. Veldhorst, S.X. Dou, X.L. Wang
journal: European Physics Letters 112, 3 (2015)

A two-qubit logic gate in silicon
Veldhorst, C.H. Yang, J.C.C. Hwang, W. Huang, J.P. Dehollain, J.T. Muhonen, S. Simmons, A. Laucht, F.E. Hudson, K.M. Itoh, A. Morello, and A.S. Dzurak
Nature 526, 410-414 (2015)
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Non-exponential fidelity decay in randomized benchmarking with low-frequency
M.A. Fogarty, M. Veldhorst, R. Harper, C.H. Yang, S.D. Bartlett, S.T. Flammia, and A.S. Dzurak
journal: Physical Review A 92, 022326 (2015)

Observation of a topological transition of the Fermi surface from a spindle-torus to a torus in large bulk Rashba spin-split BiTeCl
F.X. Xiang, X.-L. Wang, M. Veldhorst, S.X. Dou, and M.S. Fuhrer
journal: Physical Review B 92, 035123 (2015)

Many-particle Majorana modes: derivation and current-phase relation in superconducting double quantum dots
T.E. O’Brien, A.R. Wright, and M. Veldhorst
journal: Physica Status Solidi B 252, 1731-1742 (2015)

Electrically controlling single spin qubits in a continuous microwave field
Laucht, J.T. Muhonen, F.A. Mohiyaddin, R. Kalra, J.P. Dehollain, S. Freer, F.E. Hudson, M. Veldhorst, R. Rahman, G. Klimeck, K.M. Itoh, D.N. Jamieson, J.C. McCallum, A.S. Dzurak, and A. Morello
journal: Science Advances 1, 3 (2015)

Een silicium quantum computer
Veldhorst, A. Morello, and A.S. Dzurak
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor de Natuurkunde 81, 3 (maart 2015)

An addressable quantum dot qubit with fault-tolerant fidelity
Veldhorst, J.C.C. Hwang, C.H. Yang, A.W. Leenstra, B. de Ronde, J.P. Dehollain, J.T. Muhonen, F.E. Hudson, K.M. Itoh, A. Morello, and A.S. Dzurak
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 981-985 (2014)
Nature Nanotechnology News and views: Quantum computation: Silicon comes back
Nature Nanotechnology Front cover
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Nonlocal spin-entangled Andreev reflection, fractional charge, and current-phase relations in topological bilayer-exciton-condensate junctions
Veldhorst, M. Hoek, M. Snelder, H. Hilgenkamp, A.A. Golubov, and A. Brinkman,
journal: Physical Review B 90, 035428 (2014)


Localized many particle Majorana fermions with vanishing time reversal symmetry breaking in double quantum dots
A.R. Wright and M. Veldhorst
journal: Physical Review Letters 111, 096801 (2013)

Andreev bound states and current-phase relations in three dimensional topological insulators
Snelder, M. Veldhorst, A.A. Golubov, and A. Brinkman
journal: Physical Review B 87, 104507 (2013)

Magnetotransport and induced superconductivity in Bi based three-dimensional topological insulators
Veldhorst, M. Snelder, M. Hoek, C.G. Molenaar, D.P. Leusink, A.A. Golubov, H. Hilgenkamp, and A. Brinkman
journal: Physica Status Solidi RRL 70, 162 (2013)


Superconducting and topological hybrids
journal: PhD-thesis, ISBN 978-90-365-3412-3 (2012)

Optimizing the Majorana character of SQUIDs with topologically non-trivial barriers
Veldhorst, C.G. Molenaar, C.J.M. Verwijs, H. Hilgenkamp, and A. Brinkman
journal: Physical Review B 86, 024509 (2012)

Experimental realization of SQUIDs with topological insulator junctions
Veldhorst, C.G. Molenaar, X.L. Wang, H. Hilgenkamp, and A. Brinkman
journal: Applied Physics Letters 100, 072602 (2012)

Josephson supercurrent through a topological insulator surface state
Veldhorst, M. Snelder, M. Hoek, T. Gang, X.L. Wang, V.K. Guduru, U. Zeitler, W.G. v.d. Wiel, A.A. Golubov, H. Hilgenkamp, and A. Brinkman
journal: Nature Materials 11, 417-421 (2012)

Long range supercurrents in ferromagnetic CrO2 using a multilayer contact structure
M.S. Anwar, M. Veldhorst, A. Brinkman, and J. Aarts
journal: Applied Physics Letters 100, 052602 (2012)


Nonlocal Cooper pair splitting in a pSn junction
Veldhorst, and A. Brinkman
journal: Physical Review Letters 105, 107002 (2010)


Magnetization-induced resistance switching effects in LaSrMnO/YBCO bi- and trilayers
van Zalk, M. Veldhorst, A. Brinkman, J. Aarts, and H. Hilgenkamp
journal: Physical Review B 79, 134509 (2009)


Properties of MgB2 films grown at various temperatures by hybrid physical-chemical vapour deposition
Chen, M. Veldhorst, C.H. Lee, D.R. Lamborn, R. DeFrain, J.M. Redwing, Q. Li, and X.X.Xi
journal: Superconductor Science and Technology 21, 095015 (2008)