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Creating the quantum future

At QuTech, we work on a radically new technology with world-changing potential. Our mission: to develop scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and an inherently safe quantum internet, based on the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics.

Quantum technology is among the most far-reaching and challenging technologies of our time. To address this challenge, we bring together scientists, engineers and industry in an inspiring environment. We are jointly creating the quantum future, because we believe that quantum technology can be a game changer in many social and economic sectors, including health, agriculture, climate and safety.

Quantum computing and quantum internet

New concepts and the development of different hardware and software layers are all essential for realizing the promise of quantum computing and quantum internet. At QuTech, we work on all layers, including different qubit systems, each with their own advantages and unique potential. Our research and engineering activities are organised along three divisions.

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Technology for a wider audience

The technologies developed at QuTech are made accessible to a wider audience through our quantum computing and quantum internet demonstrators.

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Educating the future workforce

QuTech Academy is an essential part of QuTech, brought to life to educate the future workforce, both students and professionals.

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Collaboration for innovation

QuTech collaborates on a local, national and international level, with leaders from academia and industry, to realize the promise of quantum computing.

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Curious individuals

More than 300 curious employees from diverse backgrounds work together towards achieving QuTech’s mission.

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Mission-driven research institute

QuTech is a mission-driven research institute founded in 2015 by Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).

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Are you curious about QuTech, our labs where we work on the development of quantum internet and quantum computers or our awesome colleagues? Watch this video and get a glimpse of QuTech!

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