"Quantum computers are not magic, they are an amazing feat of engineering."

- ERIC LEERSSEN - MSc student

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QuTech Academy

To build the first quantum computer and quantum internet, QuTech works together with talented students with in-depth knowledge in the areas of both quantum physics and computer science & engineering. Find out what QuTech Academy has to offer.

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New MOOC: Quantum Computer & Quantum Internet

Lecturers Stephanie Wehner, Lieven Vandersypen en Menno Veldhorst will take you on a journey to show possible future applications of the quantum computer and internet. The MOOC will start on 20 March 2018. Enrol now!  
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Enrol now in the MOOC Quantum Cryptography

The MOOC Quantum Cryptography is now open, you can still enrol via Learn how quantum communication provides security that is guaranteed by the laws of nature in this 10 week course.
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Courses at QuTech Academy

  • MSc courses & projects

    QuTech needs great students with the drive and talent to help us accelerate the effort to build the first quantum computer and quantum internet.

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  • Online courses

    What is a quantum computer and what is a quantum internet? QuTech Academy offers online courses for students of all levels.

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In progress: new online course

Discover quantum computers and the quantum internet. Learn the principles and promises behind these developments and how they will impact our future. The course ‘Quantum Computers and Quantum Internet: How can they change the world?’ will go live on in 2018.

Explore what no one explored before

Guanzhong Wang – MSc student at QuTech – explaining his Master’s Thesis on Majorana signatures. “The next few years is really going to be an exiting time in our field. And I really want to be there when we eventually have a topological qubit.”

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