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QuTech promotes a culture where we can all be ourselves, without conscious or unconscious exclusion. Furthermore, we stimulate a working environment in which formal and informal power relations – e.g. those due to hierarchy, status or dependencies – are used to coach, help and protect each other.

To stimulate a safe working climate within QuTech and enhance the well-being of all staff members, we have launched a large social safety program. Together with external experts, we provide trainings and workshops for all students, staff, and management. The program kicked off by a collective meeting with actors who raised our collective awareness of what can be perceived as unsafe behaviour. Smaller workshops and trainings followed to support our students and staff to raise awareness of unconscious biases, to help us recognise unsafe behaviour, and give tools on how to react in our own style.

One of the concrete outcomes of the program, developed by the people of QuTech, is the QuTech EtiQuette: our guidelines for socially safe behaviour.

Guidelines for socially safe behaviour