Quantum technology’s complexity requires collaborations that exceed borders and disciplines. That is why research alliances are built between representatives of academia and industry on a European and global scale. Because of our position in the quantum area, QuTech is often called upon to take the lead or act as coordinator. Find below some examples of alliances, where we have proudly taken on that role, or are active participants.

Dutch and European alliances

  • As well as a research contributor, QuTech’s Quantum Internet Division is the technical coordinator of the Quantum Internet Alliance, a community of forty of Europe’s leading academic, industrial and research technology organisations in nine countries, working together to build the world’s first full-stack prototype quantum internet network.
  • The IGNITE consortium is a multidisciplinary team of European experts from academia and industry, working to advance the development of scalable and fault-tolerant quantum computers by leveraging semiconductor technology and germanium qubits. QuTech is proud to serve as the project’s coordinator, with Menno Veldhorst acting as Principal Investigator.
  • Building on our strong position, and with heavy QuTech participation, Quantum Delta NL was launched in 2020 as a dynamic and innovative quantum technology ecosystem, connecting people in the quantum field and beyond, providing opportunities to learn, collaborate, and achieve more together.
  • Funded by the Dutch National Quantum program, Quantum for Business is a European platform, developed by QuTech, TNO and Cronos, aimed at those businesses that want to take a first step in understanding quantum technology and its adoption in society.
  • Qutech is a co-organiser and co-host of the Inside Quantum Technology events.
  • With our demonstrator Quantum Inspire, QuTech is participating in the Quantum Application Lab consortium, helping organisations understand the capabilities and limitations of quantum computing technologies for optimisation, simulation, machine learning, and more.
  • QuTech is a member of the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC). QuIC’s mission is to boost the European quantum-technology industry’s competitiveness and economic growth and bolster value creation across the continent. QuIC operates as a collaborative hub of leading researchers, large corporations, investors, and SMEs; a large part of the Delft quantum ecosystem is a member as well.
  • In the QUADRATURE consortium, QuTech and renowned institutes like the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and the universities of Catalunya, Valencia, Dublin, Catania and Siegen, are researching how to develop a scalable quantum computer by connecting multiple individual quantum processors through coherent quantum communication links and cryo-CMOS wireless classical links.

(Inter)national policies

QuTech is taking a proactive role in the discussions around Dutch and European policies and programs. Together with other Dutch stakeholders (Quantum Delta NL), QuTech identified what is needed to maintain and strengthen the pioneering role of the Netherlands in the field of quantum technology. The outcome, the National Agenda Quantum Technology, was presented to State Secretary Mona Keijzer.

We also teamed up with KPN to realize a Dutch quantum internet testbed. On the European level, 24 EU member states including The Netherlands agreed to work together to explore how to create a quantum communication infrastructure in Europe.

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