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At QuTech, we strive to be an international working environment where staff and students from different backgrounds and cultures feel at home and supported. We believe that our unique characteristics and experiences are essential components for excellence and innovation that help us to achieve our mission.

QuTech values diversity in its broadest sense, including gender, culture, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical and mental disability, socioeconomic background and opinion. We promote a culture where employees and students can be themselves, without fear of conscious or unconscious exclusion, and where our people encourage others to be themselves as well.

To solidify D&I in our organisation and our employees’ behaviour, QuTech has taken up Diversity & Inclusion as a focus area in our organizational strategy for the coming years. For example, we organize regular meetings on diversity, promote unconscious bias trainings, organize lunches for female scientists, and more. We strive for an organizational culture in which we not only acknowledge unique characteristics, but also embrace them, respect them and recognize their additional and meaningful value.

QuTech is a collaboration of TU Delft and TNO. We explicitly subscribe Integrity Statement in the TU Delft Code of Conduct and the TNO Diversity and Inclusion Statement, and we ask all our staff and students to do the same.


TU Delft Code of Conduct (PDF)

The Code of Conduct exists to help staff members, students and guests to act in line with the values that we find important, even in complex situations. For example, how should you respond if you see behaviour that you consider to be inappropriate? The code sets out what is meant by our core values: Diversity, Integrity, Respect, Engagement, Courage, and Trust (DIRECT). The code also contains the TU Delft Integrity Statement, with the basic guidelines that all are expected to act in accordance with. It also explains the responsibilities of staff members, students, guests and TU Delft as an organisation.

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