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At QuTech, we strive to be an international working environment where staff and students from diverse backgrounds and cultures feel at home and supported. We value diversity in its broadest sense, including gender, culture, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical and mental ability, socioeconomic background and opinion. We believe that our unique personal characteristics and experiences are valuable components for excellence and innovation.

To solidify D&I in our organisation and our employees’ behaviour, QuTech has taken up Diversity & Inclusion as a focus area in our organizational strategy. We have developed a Diversity and Inclusion Policy that focuses on two main priorities:

  • We strive towards more gender diversity, specifically a percentage of at least 20% female PhD students and postdocs working at QuTech in 2024.
  • We promote an inclusive working environment, meaning that people at QuTech always feel safe, a support network is available, and social safety is actively discussed.

Furthermore, QuTech has appointed Grazia Bastasin as Diversity and Inclusion Officer, who provides QuTech management with solicited and unsolicited advice. And finally, we organize regular meetings on diversity at the workplace, promote unconscious bias trainings, organize lunches for female scientists, and more.

QuTech is a collaboration of TU Delft and TNO. We explicitly subscribe Integrity Statement in the TU Delft Code of Conduct and the TNO Diversity and Inclusion Statement, and we ask all our staff and students to do the same.


TU Delft Code of Conduct (PDF)

We’re proud sponsor of WIQD: Woman in Quantum Development