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Quantum technology pushes the boundaries of electronic instrumentation in aspects of density, low-noise requirements, and cryogenic temperature functionality. To help quantum technology research in QuTech, we work on custom and unique electronics for control and measurement of quantum systems. Our goal is to keep research going by providing the best electronic system, whether selecting an off-the-shelf instrument, or a product that is newly-designed and tailor-made. We strive to anticipate research needs to always be ready with a timely solution. You will find us working in various modes of design, from a quick prototyping to discussions trying to define the exact research needs.


This is an SPI-rack, a modular low-noise and isolated source-measurement system that we developed for research on quantum chips.


This is the Alice Pulsegenerator box, we designed it to generate electrical pulses on the few hundred picosecond scale, in order to operate optical modulators used in a Quantum Key Distribution experiment. Photo credit: Paul Brussee.

What we do

We contribute to all research divisions, our work spans DC precision electronics, RF electronics to electronics for optics and lasers. In our support we use a wide span of technologies, ranging from VHDL and Python for control flow, to circuit simulations and DIY equipment for prototyping, to best-in-class components and best measure/production facilities.
Some of our designs are used in room temperature and some in the cryogenic environment. Some of our work has been adapted as products for the commercial market, some has been published in scientific papers and some of it is (being) patented.

Electronic instrumentation

Besides designing and building electronics, in which we cooperate with the university support group DEMO, we follow market trends in chips and instrumentation, advise on purchasing equipment and train on using it. We debug complex lab set-ups to clear out electromagnetic interference and optimise noise levels, and offer tools to characterize lab set-ups and equipment. We deliver a course on electronics for physicists to help researchers handle practical lab instrumentation issues.

More information on electronic instrumentation developed by this team for use within QuTech can be found here.


This is the Junction Measurement box, we developed this unit to enable researchers in doing a first test/selection on quantum chips before implementing them in the final setup.

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Quantum technology is among the most far-reaching and challenging technologies of our time. To address this challenge, our researchers and engineers from different divisions work closely together to optimize our research projects. Interdisciplinary collaboration is crucial for making the next steps in developing scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and an inherently safe quantum internet.

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