More than 300 people from diverse backgrounds work together towards achieving QuTech’s mission. They share a curious and innovative mind-set, team spirit and a drive towards excellence!

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An international, inspiring and innovative working culture

The Netherlands has a unique knowledge position in the field of quantum computing and quantum research; and Delft is at the forefront. QuTech is a core part in a wider international ecosystem and seeks to transition quantum computing and quantum communication from basic research disciplines to working technologies.

At QuTech, international scientists and engineers from TU Delft and TNO closely work together to realize the QuTech mission: to develop scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and an inherently safe quantum internet. The working culture is international, inspiring and innovative, with plenty of room for ambition, entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Quantum Speed Up? My measurements are running too!”

The QuTech community occasionally comes together to have fun! Several social activities are organized throughout the year, such as a Summer BBQ, a three-day group outing to an unknown destination organized by the QuTech Uitje Committee and a Christmas Party, featuring QuTech’s own band ‘Q2’. With the slogan “Quantum Speed Up? My measurements are running too!” printed on their t-shirts, QuTech delegations uphold the honour of QuTech in running competitions like the Golden Tenloop and the CPC run. Another competition QuTech participates in is the annual TU Delft Applied Physics Student Association sports day, where the QuTech teams have built a certain reputation for being very hard to beat…

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Composition of the QuTech community

The number of QuTech research and engineering support staff has increased over the years: from 180 FTE in 2017 to 269 FTE in 2022. We expect this number to keep increasing.

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At QuTech, we strive to be an international working environment where staff and students from different backgrounds and cultures feel at home and supported. We believe that our unique characteristics and experiences are essential components for excellence and innovation that help us to achieve our mission.



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Join us in creating the quantum future

Do you want to work in an international, inspiring and innovative work environment? Join us at QuTech.


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Are you a motivated and talented student who is interested in pursuing an internship (Bachelor, Master or other) or a thesis project (Bachelor or Master) at QuTech? Please apply to a current opening or contact the group you are interested in directly.

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QuTech is offering scholarships for excellent, international applicants interested in a Master’s track in quantum technology. When a student completes the MSc programme and receives a 9 (90%) or higher grade for the MSc thesis project, the student will be offered a PhD position at QuTech.

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Get a glimpse of QuTech!

Are you curious about QuTech, our labs where we work on the development of quantum internet and quantum computers or our awesome colleagues? Watch this video and get a glimpse of QuTech!