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Playing with quantum technology

One of the dreams of QuTech is to make quantum technology accessible to a wider audience and future users, as soon as possible, for them to experiment with. To this end, we are developing quantum computer and quantum internet demonstrators. Giving potential users the ability to ‘play’ with the technology will help to educate users, test the interoperability of the components, develop new applications, products and services, and to generate the required market pull for commercialization.

Current demonstrator projects include Quantum Inspire and Quantum Network Explorer.

Quantum Inspire

Quantum Inspire is Europe’s first quantum system that is accessible for public use. A world’s first is that Quantum Inspire connects to two different kinds of quantum processors: spin qubits and superconducting transmon qubits, allowing users to compare both types of quantum processors. It also integrates different programming languages, allowing users to compare how languages affect simulations. Quantum Inspire is developed by QuTech’s Quantum Computing division. Click here to learn more about the platform’s ambitions and technical details, or to watch an animation of the Quantum Inspire Journey.

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Quantum Network Explorer

Our quantum internet demonstrator will be the first step towards a worldwide quantum internet and is based on the entanglement between quantum nodes with NV qubit systems connected by optical fiber, and stretching between locations in the Netherlands. A future quantum internet will allow inherent secure communication between parties and ultimately connect multiple quantum computers, significantly increasing their computing power. To enable a quantum secure network between many users in the Netherlands, we also are working on MDI-QKD technology that provides end-to-end security to all clients connected to a central point. With our Quantum Network Explorer (QNE), everybody will be able to gain online access to our quantum internet demonstrator and learn about its applications and capabilities. Quantum Link is developed by QuTech’s Quantum Internet division. Click here to learn more about the project.

Quantum Network Explorer (QNE)
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