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The quantum computing stack

Realizing the promise of a quantum computer requires the development of different layers of hardware and software, together referred to as the quantum computing stack. This is what we do in the Quantum Computing Division. The basis of the stack, referred to as the ‘quantum chip’, contains the qubits. We are investigating different types of approaches for this part of the stack: electron spins in quantum dots and superconducting quantum circuits. Also, we’re developing the system architecture that connects and translates quantum algorithms to the low-level pulses that operate on the qubits of quantum processors.

A major challenge is that quantum bits are extremely fragile and are perturbed by the slightest fluctuations in their surroundings. The way forward is to correct the resulting errors faster than they appear, a notion we call fault-tolerance. The approach to achieve fault-tolerant quantum computing is based on Quantum Error Correction.


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Our current goals include


To build a modular spin-qubit processor for scalable quantum information processing;


To realize a scalable error-protected logical qubit with a 17-qubit superconducting circuit;



To develop a scalable quantum computing control system stack that bridges the gap between quantum applications and quantum devices;



To implement cryogenic integrated control and readout electronics operating in close proximity to the qubits, to facilitate large-scale quantum computers;



To provide analyses and ideas towards implementing and assessing the performance of quantum error correction for superconducting and spin qubits.



We have started a close collaboration with Intel Corporation in 2015 bringing highly complementary expertise to our efforts. This collaborative project focuses on spin qubits in quantum dots, superconducting qubits, cryogenic control electronics, and quantum computer architecture. We also work closely with suppliers of test and measurement electronics and cryogenic equipment, including Bluefors, Zurich Instruments, and Keysight.

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