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Takashi Yamamoto


Room F036
+31 (0)15 2785224
Quantum Internet Division

Takashi Yamamoto (Ehime, Japan, 1978) received his PhD in Engineering from the University of Tsukuba in 2007. He studied the single crystal growth of high-Tc superconductors under the supervision of Prof. Kadowaki, contributing as material supplier to the first demonstration of terahertz wave emission from the intrinsic Josephson junctions [Science 318, 1291 (2007)]. Later on, he demonstrated building a new-structure emitter leading to higher radiation output [PRL 108, 107006 (2012)].

Since 2011 Takashi has worked on diamond and partially contributed to the following achievements, strongly coupled diamond spin qubits by molecular ion implantation [PRB 88, 201201(R) (2013)], extending spin coherence times of diamond qubits by annealing [PRB 88, 075206 (2013)], heavily doped n-type diamond growth [APL 109, 182102 (2016)], and photoelectrical imaging and coherent spin-state readout of single NV centers in diamond [Science 363, 728 (2019)]. His research interest is to fully exploit the potential of diamond and develop quantum application technologies through quantum optics, crystallography, and nanofabrication.

Takashi joined QuTech as a quantum engineer in 2017, working closely with Taminiau's and Hanson's groups in the Quantum Internet Division. His research aims to create high-spec diamond materials including optically coherent single-color centers, long-lived spin qubits, or multi-spin quantum registers. Currently, he is focusing on the growth of homoepitaxial diamond films by plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition.