Ronald Hanson

Room F032
Management Assistant: Chantal Smith

Ronald Hanson (Groningen, 1976) obtained his MSc degree in Applied Physics at the University of Groningen, whereafter he spent a year in Japan on a program run by the Dutch government to “educate and train future leaders of Dutch society” on interactions with Japan.

Ronald finished his PhD in Physics at TU Delft on Electron spins in semiconductor quantum dots. After being a post doctoral researcher in both Delft and at the University of California in Santa Barbara, he was appointed ‘Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor’ at the TU Delft in 2012.

His expertise lies in quantum optics and quantum information science, controlling single quantum objects in solids, single electrons in quantum dots and single spins and single photons using diamond NV centers.

Ronald is fascinated by the concept that the world we live in has these strange properties such as being in two places at the same time and being entangled with something else. He devotes his time thinking about/working on making real-life technologies based on these bizarre phenomena

In the past, Ronald and his group managed to realize entanglement between two electrons at a 3 meter distance. This achievement brings him one step closer to one of his goals: secure communication over the web, also dubbed Quantum internet. In the coming years he would like demonstrate the building blocks of a future quantum internet and of a future quantum computer, by using his unique quantum toolbox.


Publications available here.