Ronald Hanson

Room F032
Management Assistant: Chantal Smith

Ronald Hanson (1976) focusses on exploring and controlling quantum-entangled states with the long-term goal of exploiting these in future quantum technologies such as quantum computing and quantum internet. His research combines quantum optics, solid-state physics, nuclear magnetic resonance, quantum information theory and nanofabrication.In 2014 his group made headlines by teleporting quantum data between electrons on distant solid-state chips. In 2015 he ended a decades-long scientific quest by performing the first loophole-free Bell test. More recently, his group realized the distillation of remote entanglement (2017). In the coming years he aims to build on these results to demonstrate the fundamentals of a future quantum internet, with a rudimentary 4-city network planned for 2020.

Ronald is one of the four founding professors of QuTech (2013) and currently QuTech’s Scientific Director. He obtained his MSc degree in Applied Physics at the University of Groningen (1999), followed by a year in Japan. He obtained his PhD degree (cum laude) at Delft University of Technology in 2005 with Leo Kouwenhoven. After a postdoc at the University of California in Santa Barbara with David Awschalom, he started his own research group at Delft, where he was appointed Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor in 2012.

Ronald has received several awards for his work, among which the Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize (2012), QIPC Young Investigator Award (2012), the Ammodo KNAW Award by the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (2015), the Huibregtsen Award for Excellence in Science and Society (2016) and the John Stewart Bell Prize (2017).


Publications available here.