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We are a team of physicists and engineers devoted to the science and technology of superconducting circuits for quantum computation. We ambition to realize the first scalable prototype of quantum computer, from superconducting quantum hardware, through control electronics, to the full software stack. Our key target with this prototype will be to realize quantum fault tolerance. We invite you to our Research Overview and Publications pages to see our group’s most recent activity on the path to this goal!

Latest News

March 4, 2023: We have just posted a paper on the ArXiv in collaboration with Riverlane and the Terhal group. We demonstrate how using analog information available in the readout signal of quantum parity checks can reduce the logical error rate of a distance-3 blip-fip surface code (Surface-13) compared to only using digitized readout.
Please see Publications pages for further information!

Journal club

We meet every Wednesday at 9 am to discuss the latest developments in superconducting quantum circuits. We invite you to take a look at the list of papers we have covered to date, and to join our discussion.