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All affiliates of DiCarlo Lab, QuTech and TU Delft are welcome to participate in the Superconducting Circuit Journal Club! We host it virtually every Wednesday at 9:00 via Zoom, on the mentioned dates. Send an email to S.VallesSanclemente@[TUD] and you will be added to the schedule and email list.

Siddharth Singh 2-11-22
Gary Steele 9-11-22
Hany Ali 16-11-22
Boris Varbanov 23-11-22
Matvey Finkel 30-11-22
Figen Yilmaz 07-12-22


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Journal Club Archive 2022

Wednesday Nov 2, 2022
On-Demand Directional Microwave Photon Emission Using Waveguide Quantum Electrodynamics
Bharath Kannan, Aziza Almanakly, Youngkyu Sung, Agustin Di Paolo, David A. Rower, Jochen Braumüller, Alexander Melville, Bethany M. Niedzielski, Amir Karamlou, Kyle Serniak, Antti Vepsäläinen, Mollie E. Schwartz, Jonilyn L. Yoder, Roni Winik, Joel I-Jan Wang, Terry P. Orlando, Simon Gustavsson, Jeffrey A. Grover, William D. Oliver

Wednesday Oct 26, 2022
Precision measurement of the microwave dielectric loss of sapphire in the quantum regime with parts-per-billion sensitivity
Alexander P. Read, Benjamin J. Chapman, Chan U Lei, Jacob C. Curtis, Suhas Ganjam, Lev Krayzman, Luigi Frunzio, Robert J. Schoelkopf

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022
Distinguishing parity-switching mechanisms in a superconducting qubit
Spencer Diamond, Valla Fatemi, Max Hays, Heekun Nho, Pavel D. Kurilovich, Thomas Connolly, Vidul R. Joshi, Kyle Serniak, Luigi Frunzio, Leonid I. Glazman, Michel H. Devoret

Wednesday Oct 12, 2022
Superconducting Coupler with Exponentially Large On:Off Ratio
Catherine Leroux, Agustin Di Paolo, and Alexandre Blais

Wednesday Oct 5, 2022
Extensive characterization of a family of efficient three-qubit gates at the coherence limit
Christopher W. Warren, Jorge Fernández-Pendás, Shahnawaz Ahmed, Tahereh Abad, Andreas Bengtsson, Janka Biznárová, Kamanasish Debnath, Xiu Gu, Christian Križan, Amr Osman, Anita Fadavi Roudsari, Per Delsing, Göran Johansson, Anton Frisk Kockum, Giovanna Tancredi, Jonas Bylander

Wednesday Sept 28, 2022
Transmon qubit readout fidelity at the threshold for quantum error correction without a quantum-limited amplifier
Liangyu Chen, Hang-Xi Li, Yong Lu, Christopher W. Warren, Christian J. Križan, Sandoko Kosen, Marcus Rommel, Shahnawaz Ahmed, Amr Osman, Janka Biznárová, Anita Fadavi Roudsari, Benjamin Lienhard, Marco Caputo, Kestutis Grigoras, Leif Grönberg, Joonas Govenius, Anton Frisk Kockum, Per Delsing, Jonas Bylander, Giovanna Tancredi

Wednesday Sept 21, 2022
Compact superconducting microwave resonators based on Al/AlOx/Al capacitor
Julia Zotova, Rui Wang, Alexander Semenov, Yu Zhou, Ivan Khrapach, Akiyoshi Tomonaga, Oleg Astafiev, Jaw-Shen Tsai

Wednesday Sept 14, 2022
Suppressing quantum errors by scaling a surface code logical qubit
Google Quantum A.I.

Wednesday July 13, 2022
Large fluctuations of qubit decoherence under 1/f noise of a sparse bath of two-level fluctuators and the role of outliers
M. Mehmandoost et al.

Wednesday July 6, 2022
Surface loss calculations and design of a superconducting transmon qubit with tapered wiring
J. M. Martinis

Wednesday June 29, 2022
Demonstration of the Two-Fluxonium Cross-Resonance Gate
Ebru Dogan, Dario Rosenstock, Loïck Le Guevel, Haonan Xiong, Raymond A. Mencia, Aaron Somoroff, Konstantin N. Nesterov, Maxim G. Vavilov, Vladimir E. Manucharyan, Chen Wang

Wednesday June 22, 2022
Effects of Laser-Annealing on Fixed-Frequency Superconducting Qubits
Hyunseong Kim, Christian Jünger, Alexis Morvan, Edward S. Barnard, William P. Livingston, M. Virginia P. Altoé, Yosep Kim, Chengyu Song, Larry Chen, John Mark Kreikebaum, D. Frank Ogletree, David I. Santiago, Irfan Siddiqi

Wednesday June 15, 2022
Coherence Time Enhancement of Interacting Two-Level Systems in Aluminum Superconducting Resonators
Tamin Tai, Jingnan Cai, Steven M. Anlage

Wednesday June 8, 2022
Microwave-activated gates between a fluxonium and a transmon qubit
Alessandro Ciani, Boris M. Varbanov, Nicolas Jolly, Christian K. Andersen, Barbara M. Terhal

Wednesday June 1, 2022
Free-standing silicon shadow masks for transmon qubit fabrication
I. Tsioutsios, K. Serniak, S. Diamond, V. V. Sivak, Z. Wang, S. Shankar, L. Frunzio, R. J. Schoelkopf, M. H. Devoret

Wednesday May 25, 2022
Demonstration of fault-tolerant universal quantum gate operations
L. Postler et al.

Wednesday May 18, 2022
Titanium Nitride Film on Sapphire Substrate with Low Dielectric Loss for Superconducting Qubits
H. Deng et al.

Wednesday May 11, 2022
The field-free Josephson diode in a van der Waals heterostructure
H. Wu et al.

Wednesday May 4, 2022
Ultrahigh-inductance materials from spinodal decomposition
R. Gao et al.

Wednesday April 20, 2022
Fast readout and reset of a superconducting qubit coupled to a resonator with an intrinsic Purcell filter
Y. Sunada et al.

Wednesday March 30, 2022
Mitigation of cosmic ray effect on microwave kinetic inductance detector arrays
K. Karatsu et al.

Wednesday March 23, 2022
Path toward manufacturable superconducting qubits with relaxation times exceeding 0.1 ms
J. Verjauw et al.

Wednesday March 2, 2022
Operating in a deep underground facility improves the locking of gradiometric fluxonium qubits at the sweet spots
D. Gusenkova et al.

Wednesday February 23, 2022
Quantum Neuronal Sensing of Quantum Many-Body States on a 61-Qubit Programmable Superconducting Processor
M. Gong et al.

Wednesday February 16, 2022
Granular Aluminum Nano-Junction Fluxonium Qubit
D. Rieger et al.

Wednesday February 9, 2022
Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) as a Low-loss Dielectric for Superconducting Quantum Circuits and Qubits
J. I-J. Wang et al.

Wednesday February 2, 2022
Scalable High-Performance Fluxonium Quantum Processor
L.B. Nguyen et al.

Wednesday January 26, 2022
Characterizing Midcircuit Measurements on a Superconducting Qubit Using Gate Set Tomography
K. Rudinger et al.

Wednesday January 19, 2022
Fluxonium: an alternative qubit platform for high-fidelity operations
F. Bao et al.

Wednesday January 12, 2022
Realizing an Error-Correcting Surface Code with Superconducting Qubits
Y. Zhao et al.

Journal Club Archive 2021

Wednesday December 15, 2021
Realizing Repeated Quantum Error Correction in a Distance-Three Surface Code
S. Krinner et al.

Wednesday December 8, 2021
Digital control of a superconducting qubit using a Josephson pulse generator at 3 K
L. Howe et al.

Wednesday December 1, 2021
Scalable method for eliminating residual ZZ interaction between superconducting qubits
Z. Ni et al.

Wednesday November 24, 2021
Floquet codes and their possible interest for superconducting qubits

Wednesday November 17, 2021
Epitaxial titanium nitride microwave resonators: Structural, chemical, electrical, and microwave properties
R. Gao et al.

Wednesday November 10, 2021
Improving qubit coherence using closed-loop feedback
A. Vepsäläinen et al.

Wednesday November 3, 2021
Magnetic-field resilience of 3D transmons with thin-film Al/AlOx/Al Josephson junctions approaching 1 T
J. Krause et al.

Wednesday October 27, 2021
Calibrated decoders for experimental quantum error correction
Edward H. Chen et al.

Wednesday October 20, 2021
Quantum walks on a programmable two-dimensional 62-qubit superconducting processor
Ming Gong et al.

Wednesday October 13, 2021
Quasiparticle tunneling as a probe of Josephson junction quality and capacitor material in superconducting qubits
C. Kurter et al.

Wednesday October 6, 2021
Vacuum-gap transmon qubits realized using flip-chip technology
X. Li et al.

Wednesday September 29, 2021
Error mitigation via stabilizer measurement emulation
A. Greene et al.

Wednesday September 22, 2021
Dynamical sweet spot engineering via two tone flux modulation of superconducting qubits
J. A. Valery et al.

Exploiting Dynamic Quantum Circuits in a Quantum Algorithm with Superconducting Qubits

A. D. Córcoles et al.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 100501
Discussion leader: Christian Andersen

Wednesday September 8, 2021

Realization of real-time fault-tolerant quantum error correction
C. Ryan-Anderson et al.
Discussion leader: Jorge

Wednesday September 1, 2021
LILLIPUT: A Lightweight Low-Latency Lookup-Table Based Decoder for Near-term Quantum Error Correction
Poulami Das, Aditya Locharla, Cody Jones
Discussion leader: Boris

Wednesday July 14, 2021
Investigation of Microwave Loss Induced by Oxide Regrowth in High-Q Niobium Resonators
Verjauw et al.
Discussion leader: Hany

Wednesday June 30, 2021
Low frequency correlated charge noise measurements across multiple energy transitions in a tantalum transmon
Daniel M. Tennant et al.
Discussion leader: Sean van der Meer

Wednesday June 23, 2021
Dynamical sweet spot engineering via two-tone flux modulation of superconducting qubits
(Paper repeated)
Joseph A. Valery, Shoumik Chowdhury, Glenn Jones, Nicolas Didier
Discussion leader: Francesco

Wednesday June 16, 2021
Observation of vanishing charge dispersion of a nearly-open superconducting island
(Paper repeated)
Arno Bargerbos et al.
Discussion leader: Rebecca Gharibaan

Wednesday June 9, 2021
Resolving catastrophic error bursts from cosmic rays in large arrays of superconducting qubits
Matt McEwen et al. (Google Quantum AI and collaborators)
Discussion leader: Matvey

Wednesday June 2, 2021
The XZZX Surface Code
J. Pablo Bonilla Ataides, David K. Tuckett, Stephen D. Bartlett, Steven T. Flammia & Benjamin J. Brown
Nature Communications volume 12, Article number: 2172 (2021)
Discussion leader: Tim Vroomans

Wednesday May 25, 2021
Multi-level quantum noise spectroscopy
Yongkyu Sung et al.
Nature Communications volume 12, Article number: 967 (2021)
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday May 19, 2021
Hardware-Efficient Microwave-Activated Tunable Coupling Between Superconducting Qubits
Bradley K. Mitchell et al.
Discussion leader: Alessandro Ciani

Wednesday May 12, 2021
Discussion leader: Nandini
Decoherence benchmarking of superconducting qubits
Jonathan J. Burnett et al.
npj Quantum Information 5, Article number: 54
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday April 28, 2021
Entangling logical qubits with lattice surgery
A. Erhard et al.
Nature 589, pages 220–224 (2021)
Discussion leader: Miguel

Wednesday April 21, 2021
Realizing topologically ordered states on a quantum processor
K. J. Satzinger et al.
Discussion leader: Jorge

Wednesday April 14, 2021
Effects of surface treatments on flux tunable transmon qubits
M. Mergenthaler et al. (IBM Quantum)
Discussion leader: Alessandro Bruno

Wednesday April 7, 2021
Characterizing and optimizing qubit coherence based on SQUID geometry
(Paper repeated)
Jochen Braumuller et al.
Phys. Rev. Applied 13, 054079
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday March 31, 2021
Exponential suppression of bit or phase flip errors with repetitive error correction
Zijun Chen et al. (Google Quantum AI)
Discussion leader: Hany

Wednesday March 3, 2021
Localization and reduction of superconducting quantum coherent circuit losses
Virginia P. Altoe et al.
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday February 24, 2021
Dynamical sweet spot engineering via two-tone flux modulation of superconducting qubits
Joseph A. Valery, Shoumik Chowdhury, Glenn Jones, Nicolas Didier
Discussion leader: Francesco

Wednesday February 17, 2021
Coherent manipulation of an Andreev spin qubit
M. Hays et al.
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday February 10, 2021
Silicon Hard-Stop Spacers for 3D Integration of Superconducting Qubits
Bethany M. Niedzielski et al.
Discussion leader: Matvey

Wednesday February 3, 2021
Tunable Coupling Architecture for Fixed-frequency Transmons
J. Stehlik et al.
Discussion leader: Alessandro Ciani

Wednesday January 27, 2021
In-situ bandaged Josephson junctions for superconducting quantum processors
Alexander Bilmes, Alexander K. Neumann, Serhii Volosheniuk, and Jürgen Lisenfeld
Discussion leader: Christos

Wednesday January 20, 2021
Fast logic with slow qubits: microwave-activated controlled-Z gate on low-frequency fluxoniums
Quentin Ficheux et al.
Discussion leader: Boris

Wednesday January 13, 2021
Primary Thermometry of Propagating Microwaves in the Quantum Regime
Marco Scigliuzzo, Andreas Bengtsson, Jean-Claude Besse, Andreas Wallraff, Per Delsing, and Simone Gasparinetti
Discussion leader: Matt Sarsby

Wednesday January 6, 2021
‘A Tutorial on Clifford gate synthesis’
Discussion leader: Barbara

Journal Club Archive 2020

Wednesday December 16, 2020
Measuring effective temperatures of qubits using correlations
Kulikov et al.
Discussion leader: Santiago Valles Sanclamente

Wednesday December 9, 2020
Simplified Josephson-junction fabrication process for reproducibly high-performance superconducting qubits
A. Osman et al.
Discussion leader: Pim Duivestein

Wednesday December 2, 2020
Demonstration of a High-Fidelity CNOT for Fixed-Frequency Transmons with Engineered ZZ Suppression
A. Kandala et al.
Discussion leader: Hiresh Jadoenathmissier

Wednesday November 25, 2020
Summary of tomographic processes used in quantum information.
Discussion leader: Jorge

Wednesday November 18, 2020
Realization of high-fidelity CZ and ZZ-free iSWAP gates with a tunable coupler
Youngkyu Sung et al.
Discussion: Miguel

Wednesday November 11, 2020
Ultrahigh Vacuum Packaging and Surface Cleaning for Quantum Devices
M. Mergenthaler et al.
Discussion leader: Alessandro B.

Wednesday November 4, 2020
Searching for Dark Matter with a Superconducting Qubit
Akash V. Dixit et al.
Discussion leader: Hany

Wednesday October 28, 2020
Fault-Tolerant Operation of a Quantum Error-Correction Code
Laird Egan et al.
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday October 21, 2020

  • Towards understanding two-level-systems in amorphous solids: insights from quantum circuits
    Clemens Müller, Jared H Cole and Jürgen Lisenfeld
    Rep. Prog. Phys. 82 124501

Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday October 14, 2020
Systematic Crosstalk Mitigation for Superconducting Qubits via Frequency-Aware Compilation
Yongshan Ding et al.
Discussion leader: Francesco

Wednesday October 7, 2020
Circuit-QED with phase-biased Josephson weak links
C. Metzger et al.
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday September 30, 2020
Laser-annealing Josephson junctions for yielding scaled-up superconducting quantum processors
Jared B. Hertzberg et al.
Discussion leader: Ramiro Sagastizabal

Wednesday September 23, 2020
Virtualized Logical Qubits: A 2.5D Architecture for Error-Corrected Quantum Computing
Casey Duckering, Jonathan M. Baker, David I. Schuster, Frederic T. Chong
Discussion leader: Alessandro C.

Wednesday September 9, 2020
Near field radiative heat transfer between macro-scale metallic surfaces at cryogenic temperatures
Králík, Tomáš, Pavel Hanzelka, Věra Musilová, Aleš Srnka, and Pavel Urban
Cryogenics (2020): 103156
Discussion leader: Matt Sarsby

Wednesday July 15, 2020
Engineering Dynamical Sweet Spots to Protect Qubits from 1/f Noise
Z. Huang et al.
Discussion leader: Boris

Wednesday July 8, 2020
Reducing the impact of radioactivity on quantum circuits in a deep-underground facility
L. Cardani et al.
Discussion leader: Alessandro Bruno

Wednesday July 1, 2020
Demonstration of an All-Microwave Controlled-Phase Gate between Far Detuned Qubits
S. Krinner et al.
Discussion leader: Barbara

Wednesday June 24, 2020
The Snake Optimizer for Learning Quantum Processor Control Parameters
Paul V. Klimov, Julian Kelly, John M. Martinis, Hartmut Neven
Discussion leader: Miguel

Wednesday June 17, 2020
Materials loss measurements using superconducting microwave resonators
C.R.H. McRae et al.
Discussion leader: Christos

Wednesday June 10, 2020
Implementation of Conditional-Phase Gates based on tunable ZZ-Interactions
Michele C. Colodo et al.
Discussion leader: Victor Negirneac

Wednesday June 3, 2020
Benchmarking the noise sensitivity of different parametric two-qubit gates in a single superconducting quantum computing platform
M. Ganzhorn et al.
Discussion leader: Jorge

Wednesday May 27, 2020
Microscopic Relaxation Channels in Materials for Superconducting Qubits
Anjali Premkumar et al.
Discussion leader: Hany

Wednesday May 13, 2020
Improving the Performance of Deep Quantum Optimization Algorithms with Continuous Gate Sets
Nathan Lacroix et al.
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday May 6, 2020
Characterizing and optimizing qubit coherence based on SQUID geometry
Jochen Braumuller et al.
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday April 29, 2020
Quantum Approximate Optimization of Non-Planar Graph Problems on a Planar Superconducting Processor
Google AI Quantum and Collaborators
Discussion leader: Berend Klaver

Wednesday April 22, 2020
Observation of vanishing charge dispersion of a nearly-open superconducting island
Arno Bargerbos et al.
Discussion leader: Tumi Aluko

Wednesday April 15, 2020
Critical faults of leakage errors on the surface code
Natalie C. Brown, Andrew W. Cross, Kenneth R. Brown
Discussion leader: Francesco

Wednesday April 1, 2020
A gate tunable field compatible fluxonium
Marta Pita-Vidal et al.
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday March 25, 2020
Suppression of Unwanted ZZ Interactions in a Hybrid Two-Qubit System
Jaseung Ku et al.
Discussion leader: Ramiro

Wednesday March 18, 2020
Universal fast flux control of a coherent, low-frequency qubit
Helin Zhang et al.
Discussion leader: Alessandro Ciani

*********** Virtual JC************

Wednesday March 11, 2020
Microwave attenuators for use with quantum devices below 100 mK
Jen-Hao Yeh et al.
Discussion leader: Matt Sarsby

Wednesday March 3, 2020
New material platform for superconducting transmon qubits with coherence times exceeding 0.3 milliseconds
Alex P.M. Place et al.
Discussion leader: Alessandro Bruno

Wednesday February 19, 2020
Impact of ionizing radiation on superconducting qubit coherence
Antii P. Vepsalainen et al.
Discussion leader: Barbara

Wednesday February 12, 2020
Breaking the trade-off between fast control and long lifetime of a superconducting qubit
Shingo Kono et al.
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday February 5, 2020
Solid-state qubits integrated with superconducting through-silicon vias
Donna-Ruth W. Yost et al.
Discussion leader: Christos

Wednesday January 29, 2020
Rapid High-Fidelity Single-Shot Dispersive Readout of Superconducting Qubits
T. Walter et al.
Discussion leader: Jorge

Wednesday January 22, 2020
Topological and subsystem codes on low-degree graphs with flag qubits
Christopher Chamberland, Guanyu Zhu, Theodore J. Yoder, Jared B. Hertzberg, and Andrew W. Cross
Discussion leader: Boris

Wednesday January 15th 2020
A tunable coupler for suppressing adjacent superconducting qubit coupling
X. Li et al.
arXiv: 1912.10721
Discussion leader: Tumi

Wednesday January 8th 2020
Repeated Quantum Error Detection in a Surface Code
Christian Kraglund Andersen et al.
Discussion leader: Berend

Journal Club Archive 2019

Wednesday December 18th 2019
Realisation of high-fidelity nonadiabatic CZ gates with superconducting qubits
Shaowei Li et al.
Npj Quantum Inf, 5(84), 2019
Discussion leader: Victor

Wednesday December 11th 2019
Suppression of Qubit Crosstalk in a Tunable Coupling Superconducting Circuit
Pranav Mundada, Gengyan Zhang, Thomas Hazard and Andrew Houck
Discussion leader: Hany

Wednesday November 27th 2019
Experimental realization of an intrinsically error-protected superconducting qubit
Andras Gyenis et al.
arXiv: 1910.07542
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday November 20th 2019
Bifluxon: Fluxon-Parity-Protected Superconducting Qubit
Konstantin Kalashnikov et al.
Discussion leader: Alessandro Ciani

Wednesday November 13th 2019
An overview of Languages and Software Frameworks for Quantum Computing
ProjectQ: An Open Source Software Framework for Quantum Computing

  1. Damian S. Steiger, Thomas Häner, Matthias Troyer
    arXiv: 08091
  2. Open Quantum Assembly Language
    Andrew W. Cross, Lev S. Bishop, John A. Smolin, Jay M. Gambetta
    arXiv: 03429
  3. Q#: Enabling scalable quantum computing and development with a high-level domain-specific language

Svore et al.
arXiv: 1803.00652
Discussion leader: Miguel

Wednesday November 6th 2019
Diabatic gates for frequency-tunable superconducting qubits
R. Barends et al.
Discussion leader: Francesco

Wednesday October 30th 2019
Unfolding Quantum Computer readout noise
Benjamin Nachman, Miroslav Urbanek, Wibe A. de Jong, Christian W. Bauer
Discussion leader: Xavi

Wednesday October 23th 2019
Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor
Frank Arute et al.
Nature 574, 505-510(2019)
Discussion leader: Ramiro

Wednesday October 16th 2019
Electric field spectroscopy of material defects in transmon qubits
Jurgen Lisenfeld et al.
Discussion leader: Alessandro Bruno

Wednesday October 9th 2019
Crossover between electron-phonon and boundary resistance limited thermal relaxation in copper films
L. B. Wang, O.-P. Saira, D. S. Golubev & J. P. Pekola
Discussion leader: Matt/Brian

Wednesday September 25th 2019
Detecting crosstalk errors in quantum information processing
Mohan Sarovar et al.
Discussion leader: Slava

Wednesday September 18th 2019
Continuous monitoring of a trapped superconducting spin
M. Hays et al.
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday September 11th 2019
Exponential suppression of bit-flip errors in a qubit encoded in an oscillator
Raphael Lescanne et al.
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday June 17th 2019
Anomalous charge noise in superconducting qubits
B. G. Christensen et al.
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday June 12th 2019
Deterministic entanglement swapping in a superconducting circuit
Wen Ning et al.
Discussion leader: Niels

Wednesday June 5th 2019
Circuit quantum electrodynamics of granular aluminum resonators
N. Maleeva et al.
Nat.Comms.(2018) 9:3889
Discussion leader: Francesco

Wednesday May 22nd 2019
Calibration of the cross-resonance two-qubit gate between directly-coupled transmons
A. D. Patterson, J. Rahamim, T. Tsunoda, P. Spring, S. Jebari, K. Ratter, M. Mergenthaler, G. Tancredi, B. Vlastakis, M. Esposito, P. J. Leek
Discussion leader: Adriaan

Wednesday May 15th 2019
Superconducting circuit protected by two-Cooper-pair tunneling
W. C. Smith, A. Kou, X. Xiao, U. Vool, M. H. Devoret
Discussion leader: Xavi

Wednesday May 8th 2019
Pulsed Reset Protocol for Fixed-Frequency Superconducting Qubits
D.J. Egger, M. Werninghaus, M. Ganzhorn, G. Salis, A. Fuhrer, P. Müller, and S. Filipp
Discussion leader: Filip

Wednesday May 1st 2019
Simple Impedance Response Formulas for the Dispersive Interaction Rates in the Effective Hamiltonians of Low Anharmonicity Superconducting Qubits
Firat Solgun, David P. DiVincenzo, Jay M. Gambetta
IEEE Xplore:8633444
Discussion leader: Alessandro Ciani

Wednesday April 24th 2019
Direct Dispersive Monitoring of Charge Parity in Offset-Charge-Sensitive Transmons
K. Serniak, S. Diamond, M. Hays, V. Fatemi, S. Shankar, L. Frunzio, R. J. Schoelkopf, and M. H. Devoret
Discussion leader: Alessandro Bruno

Wednesday April 17th 2019
Spin-Orbit Splitting of Andreev States Revealed by Microwave Spectroscopy
L. Tosi, C. Metzger, M. F. Goffman, C. Urbina, H. Pothier, Sunghun Park, A. Levy Yeyati, J. Nygård, and P. Krogstrup
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday April 10th 2019
Flux-vector model of spin noise in superconducting circuits: Electron versus nuclear spins and role of phase transition
S. LaForest, Rogerio de Sousa
Discussion leader: Elmore

Wednesday April 3rd 2019
Handling leakage with subsystem codes
Natalie C. Brown, Michael Newman, Kenneth R. Brown
Discussion leader: Slava

Wednesday January 16th 2019
Fast, High-Fidelity, Quantum Non-demolition Readout of a Superconducting Qubit
Using a Transverse Coupling
Bryan T. Gard, Kurt Jacobs, José Aumentado, Raymond W. Simmonds
Discussion leader: Boris

Wednesday January 9th 2019
Experimental realization of a fast controlled-Z gate via a shortcut-to-adiabaticity
Tenghui Wang et al.
Discussion leader: Francesco

Journal Club Archive 2018

Wednesday December 17th 2018
Repeated multi-qubit readout and feedback with a mixed-species trapped-ion register
V. Negnevitsky, M. Marinelli, K. K. Mehta , H.-Y. Lo , C. Flühmann & J. P. Home
Nature Volume 563, page 527–531 (2018)
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday December 5th 2018
Phase locking of a semiconductor double-quantum-dot single-atom maser
Y.-Y. Liu, T. R. Hartke, J. Stehlik, and J. R. Petta
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 053816
Discussion leader: Filip

Wednesday, November 28th 2018
X. Xue et al.
Benchmarking Gate Fidelities in a Si/SiGe Two-Qubit Device
Discussion leader: Adriaan

Wednesday, November 21st 2018
S. E. de Graaf, A. A. Adamyan, T. Lindström, D. Erts, S. E. Kubatkin, A. Ya. Tzalenchuk, and A. V. Danilov
Direct Identification of Dilute Surface Spins on Al2O3: Origin of Flux Noise in Quantum Circuits
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 057703
Discussion leader: Florian

Wednesday, November 14th 2018
P. V . Klimov et al.
Fluctuations of Energy-Relaxation Times in Superconducting Qubits
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 090502
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday, November 7th 2018
Abigail Shearrow et al.
Atomic layer deposition of titanium nitride for quantum circuits
Discussion leader: Alessandro

Wednesday, October 31st 2018
Gengyan Zhang, Pranav S. Mundada, Andrew A. Houck
Suppression of Qubit Crosstalk in a Tunable Coupling Superconducting Circuit
Discussion leader: Niels

Wednesday, October 24th 2018
1. Jen-Hao Yeh, Jay LeFebvre, Shavindra Premaratne, F. C. Wellstood and B. S. Palmer
Microwave attenuators for use with quantum devices below 100 mK
J. Appl. Phys. 121, 224501 (2017)
2. Jen-Hao Yeh, Rui Zhang, Shavindra Premaratne, Jay LeFebvre, F. C. Wellstood, and B. S. Palmer
Hot electron heatsinks for microwave attenuators below 100 mK
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday, October 10th 2018
S. Touzard, A. Kou, N.E. Frattini, V.V. Sivak, S. Puri, A. Grimm, L. Frunzio, S. Shankar, and M.H. Devoret
Gated conditional displacement readout of superconducting qubits
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday, October 3rd 2018
M. Ganzhorn et al.
Gate-efficient simulation of molecular eigenstates on a quantum computer
Discussion leader: Ramiro

Wednesday, September 19th 2018
Jianwei Wang et al.
Experimental quantum Hamiltonian learning
Nature Physics 13.6 (2017): 551
Discussion leader: Filip

Wednesday, September 12th 2018
B. Foxen et al.
High speed flux sampling for tunable superconducting qubits with an embedded cryogenic transducer
Discussion leader: Adriaan

Wednesday, September 5th 2018
X. Fu et al.
eQASM: An Executable Quantum Instruction Set Architecture
Discussion leader: Xiang

Wednesday, August 29th 2018
H. Kurokawa, F. Nabeshima, and A. Maeda
Current and Magnetic Field Dependences of a Superconducting Coplanar Waveguide Resonators
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018
Shibo Shu et al.
Increased multiplexing of superconducting microresonator arrays by post-characterization adaptation of the on-chip capacitors
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday, August 15th 2018
Yiwen Chu, Prashanta Kharel, Taekwan Yoon, Luigi Frunzio, Peter T. Rakich, Robert J. Schoelkopf
Climbing the phonon Fock state ladder
Discussion leader: Florian

Wednesday, August 8th 2018
X. Bonet-Monroig, R. Sagastizabal, M. Singh, and T.E. O’Brien
Low-cost error mitigation by symmetry verification
Discussion leader: Xavi

Wednesday, August 1st 2018
Z. Wang, S. Shankar, Z. K. Minev, P. Campagne-Ibarcq, A. Narla, and M. H. Devoret
Cavity Attenuators for Superconducting Qubits
Discussion leader: Niels

Wednesday, July 25th 2018
S. Krinner, S. Storz, P. Kurpiers, P. Magnard, J. Heinsoo, R. Keller, J. Lutolf, C. Eichler, A. Wallraf
Engineering cryogenic setups for 100-qubit scale superconducting circuit systems
Discussion leader: Alessandro

Wednesday, July 18th 2018
Ali JavadiAbhari, Shruti Patil, Daniel Kudrow, Jeff Heckey, Alexey Lvov, Frederic T. Chong and Margaret Martonosi
ScaffCC: Scalable Compilation and Analysis of Quantum Programs
Discussion leader: Xiang

Wednesday, July 11th 2018
Edward Leonard Jr. et al.
Digital coherent control of a superconducting qubit

Wednesday, June 27th 2018
C. M. Wilson, J. S. Otterbach, N. Tezak, R. S. Smith, G. E. Crooks, and M. P. da Silva
Quantum Kitchen Sinks: An algorithm for machine learning on near-term quantum computers
Discussion leader: Ramiro

Wednesday, June 20th 2018
Fei Yan et al.
A tunable coupling scheme for implementing high-fidelity two-qubit gates
Discussion leader: Rene

Wednesday, June 13th 2018
David P. Franke, James S. Clarke, Lieven M.K. Vandersypen and Menno Veldhorst
Rent’s rule and extensibility in quantum computing
Discussion leader: Adriaan

Wednesday, May 30th 2018
L.Hu et al.
Demonstration of quantum error correction and universal gate set on a binomial bosonic logical qubit
Discussion leader: Joep

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018
R. Cosmic et al.
Circuit QED-based measurement of vortex lattice order in a Josephson junction array
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday, May 16th 2018
K.J. Satzinger et al.
Quantum control of acoustic wave phonons
Discussion leader: Florian

Wednesday, May 9th 2018
Baptiste Royer, Shruti Puri, and Alexandre Blais
Qubit Parity Measurement by Parametric Driving in Circuit QED
Discussion leader: Brian

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018
P. Magnard et al.
Fast and Unconditional All-Microwave Reset of a Superconducting Qubit
Discussion leader: Niels

Wednesday, April 25th 2018
Mathieu Pierre, Sankar Raman Sathyamoorthy, Ida-Maria Svensson, Goran Johansson, and Per Delsing
Resonant and off-resonant microwave signal manipulations in coupled superconducting resonators
Discussion leader: Alessandro

Wednesday, April 11th 2018
Krysta M. Svore et al.
Q#: Enabling scalable quantum computing and development with a high-level domain-specific language
Discussion leader: Xiang Fu

Wednesday, April 4th 2018
K. Serniak, M. Hays, G. de Lange, S. Diamond, S. Shankar, L. D. Burkhart, L. Frunzio, M. Houzet, M. H. Devoret
Hot non-equilibrium quasiparticles in transmon qubits
Discussion leader: Leo DiCarlo

Wednesday, March 28th 2018
Christopher J. Wood and Jay M. Gambetta
Quantification and characterization of leakage errors
Wood, C. J. & Gambetta, J. M. Quantification and characterization of leakage errors. Phys. Rev. A 97, 032306 (2018)
Discussion leader: Adriaan Rol

Wednesday, March 21st 2018
Matthew Ware, Guilhem Ribeill, Diego Riste (Raytheon BBN Technologies), Colm A. Ryan, Blake Johnson, Marcus P. da Silva (Rigetti Computing)
Experimental demonstration of Pauli-frame randomization on a superconducting qubit
Discussion leader: Ramiro Sagastizabal

Wednesday, March 14th 2018
Zhenyi Qi, Hong-Yi Xie, Javad Shabani, Vladimir E. Manucharyan, Alex Levchenko and Maxim G. Vavilov
Controlled–Z gate for transmon qubits coupled by semiconductor junctions
Discussion leader: Joep Assendelft

Wednesday, February 28th 2018
S. E. de Graaf , L. Faoro , J. Burnett, A. A. Adamyan, A. Ya. Tzalenchuk , S. E. Kubatkin , T. Lindstrom , A. V. Danilov
Suppression of 1/f noise in solid state quantum devices by surface spin desorption
Discussion leader: Thijs Stavenga

Wednesday, February 21st 2018
L. Casparis et al.
Voltage-Controlled Superconducting Quantum Bus
Discussion leader: Marc Beekman

Wednesday, February 14th 2018
Lukas Grünhaupt et al.
Quasiparticle dynamics in granular aluminum close to the superconductor to insulator transition
Discussion leader: Nandini Muthusubramanian

Wednesday, February 7th 2018
Johannes Heinsoo et al.
Rapid high-fidelity multiplexed readout of superconducting qubits
Discussion leader: Brian Tarasinski

Wednesday, January 31st 2018
Hays, G. de Lange, K. Serniak, D. J. van Woerkom, D. Bouman, P. Krogstrup, J. Nygard, A. Geresdi, and M. H. Devoret
Direct microwave measurement of Andreev-bound-state dynamics in a proximitized semiconducting nanowire
Discussion leader: Florian Luthi

Wednesday, January 10th 2018
Fei Yan et al.
Distinguishing coherent and thermal photon noise in a circuit QED system,
Discussion leader: Niels Bultink

Wednesday, January 17th 2018
Y. Masuyama, K. Funo, Y. Murashita, A. Noguchi, S. Kono, Y. Tabuchi, R. Yamazaki, M. Ueda, Y. Nakamura
Information-to-work conversion by Maxwell’s demon in a superconducting circuit-QED system,
Discussion leader: Rene Vollmer

Journal Club Archive 2017

Wednesday, December 13th 2017
Shusen Liu, Xin Wang, Li Zhou, Ji Guan, Yinan Li, Yang He, Runyao Duan, and Mingsheng Ying
Q∣SI⟩: A Quantum Programming Environment,
Discussion leader: Xiang

Wednesday, December 6th 2017
Casparis et al.
Superconducting Gatemon Qubit based on a Proximitized Two-Dimensional Electron Gas,
Discussion leader: Leo

Wednesday, November 22nd 2017
S. Kono , K. Koshino , Y. Tabuchi , A. Noguchi , and Y. Nakamura
Quantum non-demolition detection of an itinerant microwave photon,
Discussion leader: Christian

Wednesday, November 15th 2017
Moll et al.
Quantum optimization using variational algorithms on near-term quantum devices
Discussion leader: Adriaan

Wednesday, November 1st 2017
Anton Potočnik et al.
Studying Light-Harvesting Models with Superconducting Circuits,
Wednesday, October 25th 2017
Nathan Earnest, Srivatsan Chakram, Yao Lu, Nicholas Irons, Ravi K. Naik, Nelson Leung, Jay Lawrence, Jens Koch, David I. Schuster
Realization of a Λ system with metastable states of a capacitively-shunted fluxonium,
Discussion leader: Thijs

Wednesday, October 18th 2017
P. Roushan et al.
Spectral signatures of many-body localization with interacting photons
Discussion leader: Nandini

Wednesday, October 11th 2017
G. Calusine, A. Melville, W. Woods, R. Das, C. Stull, V. Bolkhovsky, D. Braje, D. Hover, D.K. Kim, X. Miloshi, D. Rosenberg, A. Sevi, J.L. Yoder, E.A. Dauler, W.D. Oliver
Analysis and mitigation of interface losses in trenched superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators,
Discussion leader: Dave

Wednesday, October 4th 2017
Neill et al.
A blueprint for demonstrating quantum supremacy with superconducting qubits,
Discussion leader: Brian

Wednesday, September 27th 2017
Nicholas T. Bronn, Vivekananda P. Adiga, Salvatore B. Olivadese, Xian Wu, Jerry M. Chow, David P. Pappas
High Coherence Plane Breaking Packaging for Superconducting Qubits,
Discussion leader: Florian

Wednesday, September 20th 2017
Thorbeck, T., Zhu, S., Leonard Jr, E., Barends, R., Kelly, J., Martinis, J. M., & McDermott, R.
Reverse isolation and backaction of the SLUG microwave amplifier,
Discussion leader: Niels

Wednesday, September 13th 2017
Colless J.I., et al.
Robust determination of molecular spectra on a quantum processor,
Discussion leader: Malay

Wednesday, September 6th 2017
T Häner, DS Steiger, M Smelyanskiy, M Troyer
High performance emulation of quantum circuits,
Discussion leader: Xiang

Wednesday, August 23rd 2017
Foxen B., et al.
Qubit compatible superconducting interconnects,
Discussion leader: Alessandro

Wednesday, August 16th 2017
Andrew Eddins, Sydney Schreppler, David M. Toyli, Leigh S. Martin, Shay Hacohen-Gourgy, Luke C. G. Govia, Hugo Ribeiro, Aashish A. Clerk, Irfan Siddiqi.
Stroboscopic qubit measurement with squeezed illumination,
Discussion leader: Jaap

Wednesday, August 9th 2017
Samuel Boutin, David M. Toyli, Aditya V. Venkatramani, Andrew W. Eddins, Irfan Siddiqi and Alexandre Blais.
Effect of higher-order nonlinearities on amplification and squeezing in Josephson parametric amplifiers,
Discussion leader: Leo D.C.

Wednesday, July 26th 2017
Hacohen-Gourgy, Shay, Luis Pedro García-Pintos, Leigh S. Martin, Justin Dressel, & Irfan Siddiqi.
Incoherent qubit control using the quantum Zeno effect,
Discussion leader: Livio.

Wednesday, July 19th 2017
Reagor, M., et al.
Demonstration of Universal Parametric Entangling Gates on a Multi-Qubit Lattice,
.. and..
Caldwell, S., et al.
Parametrically-Activated Entangling Gates Using Transmon Qubits,
Discussion leader: Ramiro.

Wednesday, July 12th 2017
Jerger, Markus, Zénon Vasseli, and Arkady Fedorov
In situ characterization of qubit control lines: A qubit as a vector network analyzer,
Discussion leader: Adriaan.

Wednesday, July 5th 2017
D. Rosenberg, D. Kim, R. Das, D. Yost, S. Gustavsson, D. Hover, P. Krantz, A. Melville, L. Racz, G. O. Samach, S. J. Weber, F. Yan, J. Yoder, A. J. Kerman, W. D. Oliver
3D integrated superconducting qubits,
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, June 28th 2017
Yen-Hsiang Lin, Long B. Nguyen, Nicholas Grabon, Jonathan San Miguel, Natalya Pankratova, Vladimir E. Manucharyan
Protecting a superconducting qubit from energy decay by selection rule engineering,
Discussion leader: Oscar.

Wednesday, June 21st 2017
X. Wu, J. L. Long, H. S. Ku, R. E. Lake, M. Bal, D. P. Pappas
Overlap junctions for high coherence superconducting qubits ,
… and …
A. Dunsworth, A. Megrant, C. Quintana, Zijun Chen, R. Barends, B. Burkett, B. Foxen, Yu Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Fowler, R. Graff, E. Jeffrey, J. Kelly, E. Lucero, J.Y. Mutus, M. Neeley, C. Neill, P. Roushan, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T.C. White, John M. Martinis
Characterization and Reduction of Capacitive Loss Induced by Sub-Micron Josephson Junction Fabrication in Superconducting Qubits ,
Discussion leader: Dave.

Wednesday, June 14th 2017
David J. van Woerkom, Alex Proutski, Bernard van Heck, Daniël Bouman, Jukka I. Väyrynen, Leonid I. Glazman, Peter Krogstrup, Jesper Nygård, Leo P. Kouwenhoven & Attila Geresdi
Microwave spectroscopy of spinful Andreev bound states in ballistic semiconductor Josephson junctions,
Nature Physics, 2017.
Discussion leader: Florian.

Wednesday, June 7th 2017
Emmanuel Flurin, Vinay V. Ramasesh, Shay Hacohen-Gourgy, Leigh S. Martin, Norman Y. Yao, Irfan Siddiqi
Observing Topological Invariants Using Quantum Walk in Superconducting Circuits,
Discussion leader: Brian.

Wednesday, May 31st 2017
Maika Takita, Andrew W. Cross, A. D. Córcoles, Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta
Experimental demonstration of fault-tolerant state preparation with superconducting qubits,
Discussion leader: Niels.

Wednesday, May 24th 2017
Abhinav Kandala, Antonio Mezzacapo, Kristan Temme, Maika Takita, Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta
Hardware-efficient Quantum Optimizer for Small Molecules and Quantum Magnets,
Discussion leader: Malay.

Wednesday, May 17th 2017
Chao Song, Kai Xu, Wuxin Liu, Chuiping Yang, Shi-Biao Zheng, Hui Deng, Qiwei Xie, Keqiang Huang, Qiujiang Guo, Libo Zhang, Pengfei Zhang, Da Xu, Dongning Zheng, Xiaobo Zhu, H. Wang, Y.-A. Chen, C.-Y. Lu, Siyuan Han, J.-W. Pan
10-qubit entanglement and parallel logic operations with a superconducting circuit,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, May 10th 2017
Colm A. Ryan, Blake R. Johnson, Diego Ristè, Brian Donovan, Thomas A. Ohki
Hardware for Dynamic Quantum Computing,
Discussion leader: Xiang.

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017
M. D. Hutchings, Jared B. Hertzberg, Yebin Liu, Nicholas T. Bronn, George A. Keefe, Jerry M. Chow, B. L. T. Plourde
Tunable Superconducting Qubits with Flux-Independent Coherence,
Discussion leader: Ale.

Wednesday, April 19th 2017
Young-Wan Kim, Kang-Ho Lee, Kicheon Kang
Vacuum-fluctuation-induced Dephasing of a Qubit in Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics,
Discussion leader: Jaap.

Wednesday, April 12th 2017
Matthew T. Bell, Joshua Paramanandam, Lev B. Ioffe, and Michael E. Gershenson
Protected Josephson Rhombus Chains,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 167001 (2014).
Discussion leader: Leo.

Thursday, April 6th 2017
J. Zhang, P. W. Hess, A. Kyprianidis, P. Becker, A. Lee, J. Smith, G. Pagano, I.-D. Potirniche, A. C. Potter, A. Vishwanath, N. Y. Yao, C. Monroe
Observation of a Discrete Time Crystal,
Discussion leader: Chris.

Wednesday, March 29th 2017
N. Cottet, S. Jezouin, L. Bretheau, P. Campagne-Ibarcq, Q. Ficheux, J. Anders, A. Auffèves, R. Azouit, P. Rouchon, and B. Huard
Observing a quantum Maxwell demon at work,
Discussion leader: Ramiro.

Wednesday, February 15th 2017
Steven J. Weber, Gabriel O. Samach, David Hover, Simon Gustavsson, David K. Kim, Danna Rosenberg, Adam P. Sears, Fei Yan, Jonilyn L. Yoder, William D. Oliver, Andrew J. Kerman
Coherent coupled qubits for quantum annealing,
Discussion leader: Marios.

Wednesday, February 8th 2017
Jochen Braumüller, Michael Marthaler, Andre Schneider, Alexander Stehli, Hannes Rotzinger, Martin Weides, Alexey V. Ustinov
Analog quantum simulation of the Rabi model in the ultra-strong coupling regime,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, February 1st 2017
T. Walter, P. Kurpiers, S. Gasparinetti, P. Magnard, A. Potocnik, Y. Salathe, M. Pechal, M. Mondal, M. Oppliger, C. Eichler, A. Wallraff
Realizing Rapid, High-Fidelity, Single-Shot Dispersive Readout of Superconducting Qubits,
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, January 25th 2017
U. Patel, Ivan V. Pechenezhskiy, B. L. T. Plourde, M. G. Vavilov, R. McDermott
Phonon-Mediated Quasiparticle Poisoning of Superconducting Microwave Resonators,
Discussion leader: Dave.

Wednesday, January 11th 2017
Simon Gustavsson, Fei Yan, Gianluigi Catelani, Jonas Bylander, Archana Kamal, Jeffrey Birenbaum, David Hover, Danna Rosenberg, Gabriel Samach, Adam P. Sears, Steven J. Weber, Jonilyn L. Yoder, John Clarke, Andrew J. Kerman, Fumiki Yoshihara, Yasunobu Nakamura, Terry P. Orlando, William D. Oliver
Suppressing relaxation in superconducting qubits by quasiparticle pumping,
Discussion leader: Florian.

Journal Club Archive 2016

Wednesday, December 21st 2016
Samuel Boutin, Christian Kraglund Andersen, Jayameenakshi Venkatraman, Andrew J. Ferris, Alexandre Blais
Resonator reset in circuit QED by optimal control for large open quantum systems,
Discussion leader: Niels.

Wednesday, December 14th 2016
David C. McKay, Christopher J. Wood, Sarah Sheldon, Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta
Efficient Z-Gates for Quantum Computing,
Discussion leader: Adriaan.

Wednesday, December 7th 2016
Discussion on OpenCL:
John E. Stone, David Gohara, and Guochun Shi
OpenCL: A Parallel Programming Standard for Heterogeneous Computing Systems,
Comput Sci Eng. 12(3), 66–72 (2010).
Aaftab Munshi
The OpenCL specification,
IEEE Hot Chips 21 Symposium (2009).
Discussion leader: Xiang.

Wednesday, December 1st 2016
Robert S. Smith, Michael J. Curtis, William J. Zeng
A Practical Quantum Instruction Set Architecture,
Discussion leader: Wouter.

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016
John M. Martinis, S. Nam, J. Aumentado, K. M. Lang, and C. Urbina
Decoherence of a superconducting qubit due to bias noise,
Phys. Rev. B 67, 094510 (2003).
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, November 16th 2016
Johan C.J.G. Withagen, A.J. Annema, B. Nauta, F.E. van Vliet
An 8-10 GHz Upconversion Mixer, with a Low-Frequency Calibration Loop resulting in better than -73dBc In-Band Spurs,
IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium (2016).
Discussion leader: Duije.

Wednesday, November 9th 2016
Tanay Roy, Suman Kundu, Madhavi Chand, Sumeru Hazra, N. Nehra, R. Cosmic, A. Ranadive, Meghan P. Patankar, Kedar Damle, R. Vijay
Implementation of pairwise longitudinal coupling in a three-qubit superconducting circuit,
Discussion leader: Ramiro.

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016
F. Chiodi, J.-E. Duvauchelle, C. Marcenat, D. Débarre, F. Lefloch
All silicon Josephson junctions,
Discussion leader: Ale.

Wednesday, October 19th 2016
David C. McKay, Stefan Filipp, Antonio Mezzacapo, Easwar Magesan, Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta
A universal gate for fixed-frequency qubits via a tunable bus,
Discussion leader: Marios.

Wednesday, October 12 2016
B Chiaro, A Megrant, A Dunsworth, Z Chen, R Barends, B Campbell, Y Chen, A Fowler, I C Hoi, E Jeffrey
Dielectric surface loss in superconducting resonators with flux-trapping holes,
Sci. Technol. 29, 104006 (2016).
J Burnett, L Faoro and T Lindström
Analysis of high quality superconducting resonators: consequences for TLS properties in amorphous oxides,
Sci. Technol. 29, 044008 (2016).
Discussion leader: Dave.

Wednesday, October 5 2016
Benjamin J. Chapman, Bradley A. Moores, Eric I. Rosenthal, Joseph Kerckhoff, K. W. Lehnert
General purpose multiplexing device for cryogenic microwave systems,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 222602 (2016).
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, September 28 2016
Shay Hacohen-Gourgy, Leigh S. Martin, Emmanuel Flurin, Vinay V. Ramasesh, K. Birgitta Whaley, Irfan Siddiqi
Dynamics of simultaneously measured non-commuting observables,
Discussion leader: Chris.

Wednesday, September 21 2016
C. M. Quintana, Yu Chen, D. Sank, A. G. Petukhov, T. C. White, Dvir Kafri, B. Chiaro, A. Megrant, R. Barends, B. Campbell, Z. Chen, A. Dunsworth, A. G. Fowler, R. Graff, E. Jeffrey, J. Kelly, E. Lucero, J. Y. Mutus, M. Neeley, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, P. Roushan, A. Shabani, V. N. Smelyanskiy, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, H. Neven, John M. Martinis
Observation of classical-quantum crossover of 1/f flux noise and its paramagnetic temperature dependence,
Discussion leader: Florian.

Wednesday, September 14 2016
A. A. Adamyan, S. E. de Graaf, S. E. Kubatkin and A. V. Danilov
Superconducting microwave parametric amplifier based on a quasi-fractal slow propagation line,
J. Appl. Phys. 119, 083901 (2016).
Discussion leader: Tom.

Wednesday, September 7 2016
Daniel Sank, Zijun Chen, Mostafa Khezri, J. Kelly, R. Barends, Y. Chen, A. Fowler, E. Jeffrey, E. Lucero, A. Megrant, J. Mutus, M. Neeley, P. Roushan, A. Vainsencher, T. White, B. Campbell, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, C. Quintana, J. Wenner, Alexander N. Korotkov, John M. Martinis
Measurement-induced state transitions in a superconducting qubit: Beyond the rotating wave approximation,
Discussion leader: Niels.

Wednesday, August 31 2016
James R. Wootton, Janos R. Winkler, Daniel Loss
Noise thresholds for minimal surface code experiments,
Discussion leader: Adriaan.

Wednesday, August 24 2016
S. Debnath, N. M. Linke, C. Figgatt, K. A. Landsman, K. Wright & C. Monroe
Demonstration of a small programmable quantum computer with atomic qubits,
Nature 536, 63 (2016).
Discussion leader: Xiang.

Wednesday, August 10 2016
Kristinn Juliusson, Simon Bernon, Xin Zhou, Vivien Schmitt, Hélène le Sueur, Patrice Bertet, Denis Vion, Mazyar Mirahimi, Pierre Rouchon, Daniel Esteve
Manipulating Fock states of a harmonic oscillator while preserving its linearity,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, August 3 2016
J.H. Béjanin, T.G. McConkey, J.R. Rinehart, C.T. Earnest, C.R.H. McRae, D. Shiri, J.D. Bateman, Y. Rohanizadegan, B. Penava, P. Breul, S. Royak, M. Zapatka, A.G. Fowler, M. Mariantoni
The Quantum Socket: Three-Dimensional Wiring for Extensible Quantum Computing,
Discussion leader: Wouter.

Wednesday, July 27 2016
J. Z. Blumoff, K. Chou, C. Shen, M. Reagor, C. Axline, R.T. Brierley, M. P. Silveri, C. Wang, B. Vlastakis, S. E. Nigg, L. Frunzio, M. H. Devoret, L. Jiang, S. M. Girvin, R. J. Schoelkopf
Implementing and characterizing precise multi-qubit measurements,
Discussion leader: Chris.

Wednesday, July 20 2016
P. Kumar, S. Sendelbach, M. A. Beck, J. W. Freeland, Zhe Wang, Hui Wang, C. C. Yu, R. Q. Wu, D. P. Pappas, R. McDermott
Origin and Suppression of 1/f Magnetic Flux Noise,
Discussion leader: Ale.

Wednesday, July 13 2016
R.-P. Riwar, A. Hosseinkhani, L. D. Burkhart, Y. Y. Gao, R. J. Schoelkopf, L. I. Glazman, G. Catelani
Normal-metal quasiparticle traps for superconducting qubits,
Discussion leader: Thijs.

Wednesday, July 06 2016
M. Pechal, J.-C. Besse, M. Mondal, M. Oppliger, S. Gasparinetti, A. Wallraff
Superconducting switch for fast on-chip routing of quantum microwave fields,
Discussion leader: Ramiro.

Wednesday, June 29 2016
P. Roushan, C. Neill, A. Megrant, Y. Chen, R. Babbush, R. Barends, B. Campbell, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, A. Fowler, E. Jeffrey, J. Kelly, E. Lucero, J. Mutus, P. J.J. O’Malley, M. Neeley, C. Quintana, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. White, E. Kapit, H. Neven, J. Martinis
Chiral groundstate currents of interacting photons in a synthetic magnetic field,
Discussion leader: Marios.

Wednesday, June 22 2016
Y. Chu, C. Axline, C. Wang, T. Brecht, Y. Y. Gao, L. Frunzio, R.J. Schoelkopf
Suspending superconducting qubits by silicon micromachining,
Discussion leader: Dave.

Wednesday, June 15 2016
Maika Takita, A. D. Córcoles, Easwar Magesan, Baleegh Abdo, Markus Brink, Andrew Cross, Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta
Demonstration of weight-four parity measurements in the surface code architecture,
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, June 8 2016
Special topic journal club: “Calibration of Vector Network Analyzers”.
Discussion leader: Duije.

Wednesday, June 1 2016
C. Janvier, L. Tosi, L. Bretheau, Ç. Ö. Girit, M. Stern, P. Bertet, P. Joyez, D. Vion, D. Esteve, M. F. Goffman, H. Pothier, C. Urbina
Coherent manipulation of Andreev states in superconducting atomic contacts,
Science 349, 1199 (2015).
Discussion leader: Florian.

Wednesday, May 25 2016
Vittorio Peano, Martin Houde, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Clerk
Topological quantum fluctuations and travelling wave amplifiers,
Discussion leader: Tom.

Wednesday, May 18 2016
H. Ball, W. D. Oliver, M. J. Biercuk
Upper-bounds on qubit coherence set by master clock instabilities,
Discussion leader: Niels.

Wednesday, May 11 2016
Thomas Häner, Damian S. Steiger, Krysta Svore, Matthias Troyer
A Software Methodology for Compiling Quantum Programs,
Discussion leader: Xiang.

Wednesday, May 4 2016
Robin Blume-Kohout, John King Gamble, Erik Nielsen, Jonathan Mizrahi, Jonathan D. Sterk, Peter Maunz
Robust, self-consistent, closed-form tomography of quantum logic gates on a trapped ion qubit,
Discussion leader: Adriaan.

Wednesday, Apr 13 2016
A. Narla, S. Shankar, M. Hatridge, Z. Leghtas, K. M. Sliwa, E. Zalys-Geller, S. O. Mundhada, W. Pfaff, L. Frunzio, R. J. Schoelkopf, M. H. Devoret
Robust concurrent remote entanglement between two superconducting qubits,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, Mar 30 2016
P. J. J. O’Malley, R. Babbush, I. D. Kivlichan, J. Romero, J. R. McClean, R. Barends, J. Kelly, P. Roushan, A. Tranter, N. Ding, B. Campbell, Y. Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, A. G. Fowler, E. Jeffrey, A. Megrant, J. Y. Mutus, C. Neill, C. Quintana, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. C. White, P. V. Coveney, P. J. Love, H. Neven, A. Aspuru-Guzik, J. M. Martinis
Scalable Quantum Simulation of Molecular Energies,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, Mar 23 2016
J. Kelly, R. Barends, A. G. Fowler, A. Megrant, E. Jeffrey, T. C. White, D. Sank, J. Y. Mutus, B. Campbell, Yu Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, E. Lucero, M. Neeley, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, C. Quintana, P. Roushan, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, John M. Martinis
Scalable in-situ qubit calibration during repetitive error detection,
Discussion leader: Wouter.

Wednesday, Mar 9 2016
Kunihiro Inomata, Zhirong Lin, Kazuki Koshino, William D. Oliver, Jaw-Shen Tsai, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Yasunobu Nakamura
Single microwave-photon detector using an artificial Λ-type three-level system,
Discussion leader: Chris.

Wednesday, Feb 24 2016
M. E. Schwartz, L. Martin, E. Flurin, C. Aron, M. Kulkarni, H. E. Tureci, I. Siddiqi
Stabilizing entanglement via symmetry-selective bath engineering in superconducting qubits,
Discussion leader: Sarwan.

Wednesday, Feb 17 2016
L. Casparis, T. W. Larsen, M. S. Olsen, F. Kuemmeth, P. Krogstrup, J. Nygård, K. D. Petersson, C. M. Marcus
Gatemon Benchmarking and Two-Qubit Operation,
Discussion leader: Thijs.

Wednesday, Feb 10 2016
P. Forn-Díaz, J. J. García-Ripoll, B. Peropadre, M. A. Yurtalan, J.-L. Orgiazzi, R. Belyansky, C. M. Wilson, A. Lupascu
Ultrastrong coupling of a single artificial atom to an electromagnetic continuum,
Fumiki Yoshihara, Tomoko Fuse, Sahel Ashhab, Kosuke Kakuyanagi, Shiro Saito, Kouichi Semba
Superconducting qubit-oscillator circuit beyond the ultrastrong-coupling regime,
Discussion leader: Marios.

Wednesday, Feb 3 2016
John M. Martinis, Michael R. Geller
Fast adiabatic qubit gates using only σz control,
Phys. Rev. A 90, 022307 (2014).
Discussion leader: Ramiro.

Wednesday, Jan 13 2016
C. Wang, C. Axline, Y. Y. Gao, T. Brecht, Y. Chu, L. Frunzio, M. H. Devoret, and R. J. Schoelkopf
Surface participation and dielectric loss in superconducting qubits,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 162601 (2015).
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, Jan 6 2016
Special topic journal club on PCB design and fabrication.
Discussion leader: Duije.

Journal Club Archive 2015

Wednesday, Dec 16 2015
Lara Faoro and Lev B. Ioffe
Microscopic Origin of Low-Frequency Flux Noise in Josephson Circuits,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 227005 (2008).
Discussion leader: Florian.

Wednesday, Dec 09 2015
J. J. Viennot, M. C. Dartiailh, A. Cottet, T. Kontos
Coherent coupling of a single spin to microwave cavity photons,
Science 349, 408 (2015).
Discussion leader: Nodar.

Wednesday, Dec 02 2015
Michael R. Vissers, Robert P. Erickson, Hsiang-Sheng Ku, Leila Vale, Xian Wu, Gene Hilton, David P. Pappas
Low-noise kinetic inductance traveling-wave amplifier using three-wave mixing,
Discussion leader: Tom.

Wednesday, November 25 2015
Charles D. Hill, Eldad Peretz, Samuel J. Hile, Matthew G. House, Martin Fuechsle, Sven Rogge, Michelle Y. Simmons, Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg
A surface code quantum computer in silicon,
Science Advances 1, 9 (2014): e1500707.
Discussion leader: Xiang.

Wednesday, November 18 2015
R. Barends, A. Shabani, L. Lamata, J. Kelly, A. Mezzacapo, U. Las Heras, R. Babbush, A. G. Fowler, B. Campbell, Yu Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, E. Jeffrey, E. Lucero, A. Megrant, J. Y. Mutus, M. Neeley, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, C. Quintana, P. Roushan, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. C. White, E. Solano, H. Neven, John M. Martinis
Digitized adiabatic quantum computing with a superconducting circuit,
arXiv: 1511.03316 .
Discussion leader: Niels.

Wednesday, October 28 2015
Zijun Chen, Julian Kelly, Chris Quintana, R. Barends, B. Campbell, Yu Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, A. Fowler, E. Lucero, E. Jeffrey, A. Megrant, J. Mutus, M. Neeley, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, P. Roushan, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. C. White, A. N. Korotkov, John M. Martinis
Measuring and Suppressing Quantum State Leakage in a Superconducting Qubit,
Discussion leader: Adriaan.

Wednesday, October 21 2015
C. Macklin, K. O’Brien, D. Hover, M. E. Schwartz, V. Bolkhovsky, X. Zhang, W. D. Oliver, I. Siddiqi
A near–quantum-limited Josephson traveling-wave parametric amplifier,
Science Express 350, 307 (2015).
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, October 14 2015
David J. Clarke, Jay D. Sau, Sankar Das Sarma
Bell violations in Majorana wires,
Discussion leader: Attila.

Wednesday, October 7 2015
Yehan Liu, Shyam Shankar, Nissim Ofek, Michael Hatridge, Anirudh Narla, Katrina Sliwa, Luigi Frunzio, Robert J. Schoelkopf, Michel H. Devoret
Comparing and combining measurement-based and driven-dissipative entanglement stabilization,
Discussion leader: Chris.

Wednesday, September 30 2015
KM Svore, AV Aho, AW Cross, I Chuang, IL Markov
A Layered Software Architecture for Quantum Computing Design Tools,
Computer, (1), 74-83.
Discussion leader: Wouter.

Wednesday, September 23 2015
D. Wecker, M. B. Hastings, M. Troyer
Towards Practical Quantum Variational Algorithms,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, September 16 2015
T. Brecht, W. Pfaff, C. Wang, Y. Chu, L. Frunzio, M. H. Devoret, R. J. Schoelkopf
Multilayer microwave integrated quantum circuits for scalable quantum computing,
Discussion leader: Ale.

Wednesday, September 9 2015
Matthew Reagor, Wolfgang Pfaff, Christopher Axline, Reinier W. Heeres, Nissim Ofek, Katrina Sliwa, Eric Holland, Chen Wang, Jacob Blumoff, Kevin Chou, Michael J. Hatridge, Luigi Frunzio, Michel H. Devoret, Liang Jiang, Robert J. Schoelkopf
A quantum memory with near-millisecond coherence in circuit QED,
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, September 2 2015
Michael Jon Bailey
Intermodulation Distortion in Pseudomorphic HEMT’s and an Extension of the Classical Theory,
Discussion leader: Duije.

Wednesday, August 26 2015
Yun-Pil Shim, Charles Tahan
Semiconductor-inspired superconducting quantum computing,
Discussion leader: Florian.

Wednesday, August 19 2015
Special topic journal club
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, August 12 2015
Martin V. Gustafsson, Thomas Aref, Anton Frisk Kockum, Maria K. Ekström, Göran Johansson, Per Delsing
Propagating phonons coupled to an artificial atom,
Science 346, 207 (2015).
Discussion leader: Nodar.

Wednesday, August 5 2015,
Special topic: Two-qubit gates
Discussion leader: Adriaan.

Wednesday, July 29 2015
Ali Asadian, Mehdi Abdi
Heralded entangled coherent states between spatially separated massive resonators,
Discussion leader: Niels.

Wednesday, July 22 2015
Kevin O’Brien, Chris Macklin, Irfan Siddiqi, and Xiang Zhang
Resonant Phase Matching of Josephson Junction Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifiers,
Physical Review Letters 113, 157001 (2014).
Discussion leader: Tom.

Wednesday, July 15 2015
L. Bretheau, Ç. Ö. Girit, C. Urbina, D. Esteve, and H. Pothier
Supercurrent Spectroscopy of Andreev States,
Physical Review X 3, 041034 (2013).
Discussion leader: Attila.

Wednesday, July 1 2015
Nicolas Didier, Jérôme Bourassa, Alexandre Blais
Fast quantum non-demolition readout from longitudinal qubit-oscillator interaction,
Discussion leader: Chris.

Wednesday, June 24 2015
Special topic journal club.
Discussion leader: Wouter.

Wednesday, June 17 2015
R. W. Andrews, A. P. Reed, K. Cicak, J. D. Teufel, K. W. Lehnert
Quantum-enabled temporal and spectral mode conversion of microwave signals,
Discussion leader: Ale.

Wednesday, June 10 2015
Special topic journal club.
Discussion leader: Duije.

Wednesday, June 3 2015
Blake R. Johnson, Marcus P. da Silva, Colm A. Ryan, Shelby Kimmel, Jerry M. Chow, Thomas A. Ohki
Demonstration of Robust Quantum Gate Tomography via Randomized Benchmarking,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, May 20 2015
Jaseung Ku, Zack Yoscovits, Alex Levchenko, James Eckstein, Alexey Bezryadin
Meissner transmon qubit – architecture and characterization,
Discussion leader: Yaroslav.

Wednesday, May 13 2015
Eyob A. Sete, John M. Martinis, Alexander N. Korotkov
Quantum theory of a bandpass Purcell filter for qubit readout,
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, May 6 2015
Ming Hua, Ming-Jie Tao & Fu-Guo Deng
Fast universal quantum gates on microwave photons with all-resonance operations in circuit QED,
Scientific Reports 5, 9274 (2015).
Discussion leader: Serwan.

Wednesday, April 29 2015
T. W. Larsen, K. D. Petersson, F. Kuemmeth, T. S. Jespersen, P. Krogstrup, J. Nygard, C. M. Marcus
A Semiconductor Nanowire-Based Superconducting Qubit,
Discussion leader: Florian.

Wednesday, April 22 2015
Brian Vlastakis, Andrei Petrenko, Nissim Ofek, Luayn Sun, Zaki Leghtas, Katrina Sliwa, Yehan Liu, Michael Hatridge, Jacob Blumoff, Luigi Frunzio, Mazyar Mirrahimi, Liang Jiang, M. H. Devoret, R. J. Schoelkopf
Violating Bell’s inequality with an artificial atom and a cat state in a cavity,
Discussion leader: Ramiro.

Wednesday, April 15 2015
Alberto Peruzzo, Jarrod McClean, Peter Shadbolt, Man-Hong Yung, Xiao-Qi Zhou, Peter J. Love, Alán Aspuru-Guzik, Jeremy L. O’Brien
A variational eigenvalue solver on a quantum processor,
Nature Communications 5, 4213 (2014).
Discussion leader: Adriaan.

Wednesday, April 8 2015
T.C. White, J.Y. Mutus, I.-C. Hoi, R. Barends, B. Campbell, Yu Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, E. Jeffrey, J. Kelly, A. Megrant, C. Neill, P.J.J. O’Malley, P. Roushan, D. Sank,A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, S. Chaudhuri, J. Gao, John M. Martinis
Traveling wave parametric amplifier with Josephson junctions using minimal resonator phase matching,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, April 1 2015
P. J. J. O’Malley, J. Kelly, R. Barends, B. Campbell, Y. Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, A. G. Fowler, I.-C. Hoi, E. Jeffrey, A. Megrant, J. Mutus, C. Neill, C. Quintana, P. Roushan, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. C. White, A. N. Korotkov, A. N. Cleland, John M. Martinis
Qubit metrology of ultralow phase noise using randomized benchmarking,
Discussion leader: Serwan.

Wednesday, March 25 2015
H. S. Ku, W. F. Kindel, F. Mallet, S. Glancy, K. D. Irwin, G. C. Hilton, L. R. Vale, K. W. Lehnert
Generating and verifying entangled itinerant microwave fields with efficient and independent measurements,
Discussion leader: Christian.

Wednesday, March 18 2015
Y.-Y. Liu, J. Stehlik, C. Eichler, M. J. Gullans, J. M. Taylor, J. R. Petta
Semiconductor double quantum dot micromaser,
Science 347, 285 (2015).
Discussion leader: Attila.

Wednesday, March 11 2015
Brian Vlastakis, Gerhard Kirchmair, Zaki Leghtas, Simon E. Nigg, Luigi Frunzio, S. M. Girvin, Mazyar Mirrahimi, M. H. Devoret, R. J. Schoelkopf
Deterministically Encoding Quantum Information Using 100-Photon Schrödinger Cat States,
Science 342, 607 (2013).
Discussion leader: Marios.

Wednesday, February 25 2015
Special journal club.
Discussion leader: Wouter.

Wednesday, February 18 2015
Neereja M. Sundaresan, Yanbing Liu, Darius Sadri, Laszlo J. Szocs, Devin L. Underwood, Moein Malekakhlagh, Hakan E. Tureci, Andrew A. Houck
Beyond Strong Coupling in a Massively Multimode Cavity,
Discussion leader: Ale.

Wednesday, February 11 2015
R. Barends, L. Lamata, J. Kelly, L. García-Álvarez, A. G. Fowler, A. Megrant, E. Jeffrey, T. C. White, D. Sank, J. Y. Mutus, B. Campbell, Yu Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, I.-C. Hoi, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, C. Quintana, P. Roushan, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, E. Solano, John M. Martinis
Digital quantum simulation of fermionic models with a superconducting circuit,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, February 4 2014
Nicholas A. Estep, Dimitrios L. Sounas, Jason Soric & Andrea Alù
Magnetic-free non-reciprocity and isolation based on parametrically modulated coupled-resonator loops,
Nat. Phys. 10, 923–927 (2014).
Discussion leader: Duije.

Wednesday, January 28 2015
J. Kelly, R. Barends, A. G. Fowler, A. Megrant, E. Jeffrey, T. C. White, D. Sank, J. Y. Mutus, B. Campbell, Yu Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, I.-C. Hoi, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, C. Quintana, P. Roushan, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, A. N. Cleland, John M. Martinis
State preservation by repetitive error detection in a superconducting quantum circuit,
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, January 14 2015
Special journal club on Andreev Bound States
Discussion leader: Florian.

Wednesday, January 7 2015
X. Y. Jin, A. Kamal, A. P. Sears, T. Gudmundsen, D. Hover, J. Miloxi, R. Slattery, F. Yan, J. Yoder, T. P. Orlando, S. Gustavsson, W. D. Oliver
Thermal and Residual Excited-State Population in a 3D Transmon Qubit,
Discussion leader: Yaroslav.

Journal Club Archive 2014

Wednesday, December 17 2014
J. A. Mlynek, A. A. Abdumalikov Jr, C. Eichler, A. Wallraff
Observation of Dicke Superradiance for Two Artificial Atoms in a Cavity with High Decay Rate,
Discussion leader: Marios.

Wednesday, December 10 2014
M. Veldhorst, C.H. Yang, J.C.C. Hwang, W. Huang, J.P. Dehollain, J.T. Muhonen, S. Simmons, A. Laucht, F.E. Hudson, K.M. Itoh, A. Morello, A.S. Dzurak
A Two Qubit Logic Gate in Silicon,
Discussion leader: Serwan.

Wednesday, December 3 2014
Ananda Roy, Zaki Leghtas, A. Douglas Stone, Michel Devoret, Mazyar Mirrahimi
Continuous Generation and Stabilization of Mesoscopic Field Superposition States in a Quantum Circuit,
Discussion leader: Myles.

Wednesday, November 26 2014
C. Janvier, L. Tosi, Ç. Ö. Girit, M. F. Goffman, H. Pothier, C. Urbina
Superconducting atomic contacts inductively coupled to a microwave resonator,
Discussion leader: Attila.

Wednesday, November 19 2014
Arjan F. van Loo, Arkady Fedorov, Kevin Lalumière, Barry C. Sanders, Alexandre Blais, Andreas Wallraff
Photon-Mediated Interactions Between Distant Artificial Atoms,
Science 342, 1494 (2013).
Discussion leader: Christian.

Wednesday, November 12 2014
I.-C. Hoi, A. F. Kockum, L. Tornberg, A. Pourkabirian, G. Johansson, P. Delsing, C. M. Wilson
Probing the quantum vacuum with an artificial atom in front of a mirror,
Discussion leader: Gijs.

Wednesday, November 5 2014
J. M. Hornibrook, J. I. Colless, I. D. Conway Lamb, S. J. Pauka, H. Lu, A. C. Gossard, J. D. Watson, G. C. Gardner, S. Fallahi, M. J. Manfra, D. J. Reilly
Cryogenic Control Architecture for Large-Scale Quantum Computing,
Discussion leader: Ale.

Wednesday, October 29 2014
A. D. Córcoles, Easwar Magesan, Srikanth J. Srinivasan, Andrew W. Cross, M. Steffen, Jay M. Gambetta, Jerry M. Chow
Detecting arbitrary quantum errors via stabilizer measurements on a sublattice of the surface code,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, October 22 2014
John M. Martinis, Rami Barends & Alexander N. Korotkov
Calculation of Coupling Capacitance in Planar Electrodes,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, October 8 2014

Christian Kraglund Andersen & Klaus Mølmer
Circuit QED flip-flop memory with all-microwave switching,
Discussion leader: Yaroslav.

Wednesday, October 1 2014
S. Putz, D. O. Krimer, R. Amsüss, A. Valookaran, T. Nöbauer, J. Schmiedmayer, S. Rotter & J. Majer
Protecting a spin ensemble against decoherence in the strong-coupling regime of cavity QED,
Nat. Phys. 10, 720 (2014).
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, September 24 2014
V. Schmitt, X. Zhou, K. Juliusson, A. Blais, P. Bertet, D. Vion, D. Esteve
Multiplexed Readout of Transmon Qubits with Josephson Bifurcation Amplifiers,
Discussion leader: Myles.

Wednesday, September 17 2014
T Rybarczyk, S Gerlich, B Peaudecerf, M Penasa, B Julsgaard, K Moelmer, S Gleyzes, M Brune, J-M Raimond, S Haroche, I Dotsenko
Past quantum state analysis of the photon number evolution in a cavity,
Discussion leader: Diego.

Wednesday, September 10 2014
D. Tan, S. Weber, I. Siddiqi, K. Mølmer, K. W. Murch
Prediction and retrodiction for a continuously monitored superconducting qubit,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, September 3 2014
Saeed Khan, R. Vijay, I. Siddiqi, Aashish A. Clerk
Large gain quantum-limited qubit measurement using a two-mode nonlinear cavity,
Discussion leader: Christian.

Wednesday, August 27 2014
K. Inomata, K. Koshino, Z. R. Lin, W. D. Oliver, J. S. Tsai, Y. Nakamura, T. Yamamoto
Microwave Down-Conversion with an Impedance-Matched Λ System in Driven Circuit QED,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 063604 (2014).
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, August 13 2014
R. P. Erickson, M. R. Vissers, M. Sandberg, S. R. Jefferts, D. P. Pappas
Ultra-Broadband Microwave Frequency-Comb Generation in Superconducting Resonators,
Discussion leader: Ale.

Wednesday, August 6 2014
Keyu Xia, Michael R. Vanner and Jason Twamley
An opto-magneto-mechanical quantum interface between distant superconducting qubits,
Phys. Rev. X 4, 021019 (2014).
Discussion leader: Yaroslav.

Wednesday, July 30 2014
Giovanni Viola and David P. DiVincenzo
Hall Effect Gyrators and Circulators,
Phys. Rev. X 4, 021019 (2014).
Discussion leader: Attila.

Wednesday, July 23 2014
Andrey V. Rodionov, Andrzej Veitia, R. Barends, J. Kelly, Daniel Sank, J. Wenner, John M. Martinis, Robert L. Kosut, Alexander N. Korotkov
Compressed sensing quantum process tomography for superconducting quantum gates,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, July 16 2014
Chen Wang, Yvonne Y. Gao, Ioan M. Pop, Uri Vool, Chris Axline, Teresa Brecht, Reinier W. Heeres, Luigi Frunzio, Michel H. Devoret, Gianluigi Catelani, Leonid I. Glazman, Robert J. Schoelkopf
Measurement and Control of Quasiparticle Dynamics in a Superconducting Qubit,
Discussion leader: Diego.

Wednesday, July 9 2014
I. Nsanzineza, B.L.T. Plourde
Trapping a single vortex and reducing quasiparticles in a superconducting resonator,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, July 2 2014
R. Barends, J. Kelly, A. Veitia, A. Megrant, A. G. Fowler, B. Campbell, Y. Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, I.-C. Hoi, E. Jeffrey, C. Neill, P. J. J. O’Malley, J. Mutus, C. Quintana, P. Roushan, D. Sank, J. Wenner, T. C. White, A. N. Korotkov, A. N. Cleland, John M. Martinis
Rolling quantum dice with a superconducting qubit,
Discussion leader: Christian.

Wednesday, June 25 2014
Uri Vool, Ioan M. Pop, Katrina Sliwa, Baleegh Abdo, Chen Wang, Teresa Brecht, Yvonne Y. Gao, Shyam Shankar, Michael Hatridge, Gianluigi Catelani, Mazyar Mirrahimi, Luigi Frunzio, Robert J. Schoelkopf, Leonid I. Glazman, Michel H. Devoret
Non-Poissonian Quantum Jumps of a Fluxonium Qubit due to Quasiparticle Excitations,
Discussion leader: Gijs.

Wednesday, June 18 2014
A. Narla, K.M. Sliwa, M. Hatridge, S. Shankar, L. Frunzio, R. J. Schoelkopf, M.H. Devoret
Wireless Josephson Amplifier,
Discussion leader: Alessandro.

Wednesday, June 11 2014
Jani Tuorila, Matti Silveri, Mika Sillanpää, Erkki Thuneberg, Yuriy Makhlin, Pertti Hakonen
Charge qubit driven via the Josephson nonlinearity,
Discussion leader: Yaroslav.

Wednesday, June 4 2014
T. Lanting, A. J. Przybysz, A. Yu. Smirnov, F. M. Spedalieri, M. H. Amin, A. J. Berkley, R. Harris, F. Altomare, S. Boixo, P. Bunyk, N. Dickson, C. Enderud, J. P. Hilton, E. Hoskinson, M. W. Johnson, E. Ladizinsky, N. Ladizinsky, R. Neufeld, T. Oh, I. Perminov, C. Rich, M. C. Thom, E. Tolkacheva, S. Uchaikin, A. B. Wilson, and G. Rose
Entanglement in a Quantum Annealing Processor,
PRX 4, 021041 (2014).
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Wednesday, May 28 2014
C. Eichler, Y. Salathe, J. Mlynek, S. Schmidt, A. Wallraff
Quantum limited amplification and entanglement in coupled nonlinear resonators,
Discussion leader: Nathan.

Wednesday, May 7 2014 and Wednesday, May 14 2014
Ioan M. Pop, Kurtis Geerlings, Gianluigi Catelani, Robert J. Schoelkopf, Leonid I. Glazman & Michel H. Devoret
Coherent suppression of electromagnetic dissipation due to superconducting quasiparticles,
Nature 508, 369 (2014).
Discussion leader: Diego.

Wednesday, Apr. 30 2014
Yu Chen, P. Roushan, D. Sank, C. Neill, Erik Lucero, Matteo Mariantoni, R. Barends, B. Chiaro, J. Kelly, A. Megrant, J. Y. Mutus, P. J. J. O’Malley, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. C. White, Yi Yin, A. N. Cleland, John M. Martinis
Simulating weak localization using superconducting quantum circuits,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Wednesday, Apr. 23 2014
L. Bretheau, Ç. Girit, H. Pothier, D. Esteve, C. Urbina
Exciting Andreev pairs in a superconducting atomic contact ,
Nature 499, 312 (2013).
Discussion leader: Attila.

Wednesday, Apr. 16 2014
D. McKay, R. Naik, P. Reinhold, L. Bishop, D. Schuster
A Multi-Resonator Network for Superconducting Circuits ,
Discussion leader: Gijs.

Wednesday, Apr. 9 2014
D. Nigg, M. Mueller, E. Martinez, P. Schindler, M. Hennrich, T. Monz, M. Martin-Delgado, R. Blatt
Experimental Quantum Computations on a Topologically Encoded Qubit,
Discussion leader: Christian.

Wednesday, Apr. 2 2014
X. Cai, J. Wang, M. Strain, B. Johnson-Morris, J. Zhu, M. Sorel, J. O’Brien, M. Thompson, S. Yu
Integrated Compact Optical Vortex Beam Emitters,
Science 338, 363 (2012).
Discussion leader: Alessandro.

Wednesday, Mar. 19 2014
Y. Chen, C. Neill, P. Roushan, N. Leung, M. Fang, R. Barends, J. Kelly, B. Campbell, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, E. Jeffrey, A. Megrant, J. Mutus, P. O’Malley, C. Quintana, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. White, M. Geller, A. Cleland, J. Martinis
Qubit architecture with high coherence and fast tunable coupling,
Discussion leader: Stefano.

Tuesday, Feb. 19 2014
D. Wecker, B. Bauer, B. Clark, M. Hastings, M. Troyer
Can quantum chemistry be performed on a small quantum computer?,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Tuesday, Feb. 9 2014
A. Signoles, A. Facon, D. Grosso, I. Dotsenko, S. Haroche, J.l Raimond, M. Brune, S. Gleyzes
Confined quantum Zeno dynamics of a watched atomic arrow,
Discussion leader: Diego.

Tuesday, Feb. 4 2014
C. Grezes, B. Julsgaard, Y. Kubo, M. Stern, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, H. Sumiya, H. Abe, S. Onoda, T. Ohshima, V. Jacques, J. Esteve, D. Vion, D. Esteve, K. Mølmer, P. Bertet
Multi-mode storage and retrieval of microwave fields in a spin ensemble,
Discussion leader: Gijs.

Tuesday, Jan. 29 2014
D.Sank, E. Jeffrey, J. Mutus, T. White, J. Kelly, R. Barends, Y. Chen, Z. Chen, B. Chiaro, A. Dunsworth, A. Megrant, P.J.J. O’Malley, C. Neill, P. Roushan, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, A. Cleland, J. Martinis
Fast Scalable State Measurement with Superconducting Qubits,
Discussion leader: Christian.

Tuesday, Jan. 15 2014
M. Mirrahimi, Z. Leghtas, V. Albert, S. Touzard, R. Schoelkopf, L. Jiang, M. Devoret
Dynamically protected cat-qubits: a new paradigm for universal quantum computation,
Discussion leader: Sal.

Tuesday, Jan. 8 2014
M. Bell, J. Paramanandam, L. Ioffe, M. Gershenson
Protected Josephson Rhombi Chains,
Discussion leader: Sal.

Journal Club Archive 2013

Tuesday, Dec. 11 2013
B. Abdo, K. Sliwa, S. Shankar, M. Hatridge, L. Frunzio, R. Schoelkopf, M. Devoret
Josephson directional amplifier for quantum measurement of superconducting circuits,
Discussion leader: Visa.

Tuesday, Dec. 4 2013
P. Campagne-Ibarcq, L. Bretheau, E. Flurin, A. Auffèves, F. Mallet, B. Huard
Observing interferences between past and future quantum states in resonance fluorescence ,
Discussion leader: Gijs.

Tuesday, Nov. 27 2013
L. Sun, A. Petrenko, Z. Leghtas, B. Vlastakis, G. Kirchmair, K. M. Sliwa, A. Narla, M. Hatridge, S. Shankar, J. Blumoff, L. Frunzio, M. Mirrahimi, M. Devoret, R. Schoelkopf
Tracking Photon Jumps with Repeated Quantum Non-Demolition Parity Measurements ,
Discussion leader: Olli.

Tuesday, Oct. 29 2013
B. Vlastakis, G. Kirchmair, Z. Leghtas, S. Nigg, L. Frunzio, S. Girvin, M. Mirrahimi, M. Devoret, R. Schoelkopf
Deterministically Encoding Quantum Information Using 100-Photon Schrödinger Cat States ,
Discussion leader: Diego.

Tuesday, Oct. 29 2013
A. Fragner, M. Göppl, J. Fink, M. Baur, R. Bianchetti, P. Leek, A. Blais, A. Wallraff
Resolving Vacuum Fluctuations in an Electrical Circuit by Measuring the Lamb Shift ,
Discussion leader: Alessandro.

Tuesday, Oct. 22 2013
P. Krantz, Y. Reshitnyk, W. Wustmann, J. Bylander, S. Gustavsson, W. Oliver, T. Duty, V. Shumeiko, P. Delsing
Investigation of nonlinear effects in Josephson parametric oscillators used in circuit QED,
Discussion leader: Frans.

Tuesday, Oct. 15 2013
S. Schmidt, J. Koch
Circuit QED lattices: towards quantum simulation with superconducting circuits,
Discussion leader: Sal.

Tuesday, Oct. 8 2013
T. Palomaki, J. Teufel, R. Simmonds, K. Lehnert
Entangling Mechanical Motion with Microwave Fields,
DOI: 10.1126/science.1244563 (2013).
Discussion leader: Visa.

Tuesday, Oct. 1 2013
J. Choi, G. Lee, S. Park, D. Jeong, J. Lee, H. Sim, Y. Doh, H. Lee
Complete gate control of supercurrent in graphene p–n junctions ,
ArXiv:1308.4094 (2013).
Discussion leader: Alessandro.

Tuesday, Sept. 17 2013
M. Pechal, C. Eichler, S. Zeytinoglu, S. Berger, A. Wallraff, S. Filipp
Microwave-controlled generation of shaped single photons in circuit quantum electrodynamics ,
ArXiv:1308.4094 (2013).
Discussion leader: Gijs.

Tuesday, Sept. 10 2013
Y. Zhong, Z. Wang, J. Martinis, A. Cleland, A. Korotkov, H. Wang
Reducing intrinsic decoherence in a superconducting circuit by quantum error detection,
ArXiv:1309.0198 (2013).
Discussion leader: Olli.

Tuesday, Sept. 3 2013
S. Srinivasan, N. Sundaresan, D. Sadri, Y. Liu, J. Gambetta, T. Yu, S. Girvin, A. Houck
Time-Reversal Symmetrization of Spontaneous Emission for High Fidelity Quantum State Transfern,
ArXiv:1308.3471 (2013).
Discussion leader: Diego.

Tuesday, July 2 2013
S. E. de Graaf, J. Leppäkangas, A. Adamyan, A. V. Danilov, T. Lindström, M. Fogelström, T. Bauch, G. Johansson, S. E. Kubatkin
Dynamic parity recovery in a strongly driven Cooper-pair box,
ArXiv:1306.4465 (2013).
Discussion leader: Diego.

Tuesday, June 25 in F028
Kevin Lalumière, Barry C. Sanders, Arjan F. van Loo, Arkady Fedorov, Andreas Wallraff, Alexandre Blais
Input-output theory for waveguide QED with an ensemble of inhomogeneous atoms,
ArXiv:1305.7135 (2013).
Discussion leader: Marcin.

Tuesday, June 18 in F028
X.-D. Cai, C. Weedbrook, Z.-E. Su, M.-C. Chen, Mile Gu, M.-J. Zhu1, Li Li1, Nai-Le Liu1, Chao-Yang Lu1, and Jian-Wei Pan
Experimental quantum computing to solve systems of linear equations,
Phys. Rev. Lett 110, 230501 (2013).
Discussion leader: Olli.

Wednesday, June 12 in F028
K. W. Murch, S. J. Weber, C. Macklin, I. Siddiqi
Observing single quantum trajectories of a superconducting qubit,
ArXiv:1305.7270 (2013).
Discussion leader: No leader. Joint with Diamond.

Tuesday, June 4 in F028
S. Boixo, T. Rønnow, S. Isakov, Z. Wang, D. Wecker, D. Lidar, J. Martinis, M. Troyer
Quantum annealing with more than one hundred qubits,
ArXiv:1304.4595 (2013).
Discussion leader: Christopher.

May 28, 2013
J. Chang, M. Vissers, A. Corcoles, M. Sandberg, J. Gao, David W. Abraham, J. Chow, J. Gambetta, M. Rothwell, G. Keefe, M. Steffen, D. Pappas
Improved superconducting qubit coherence using titanium nitride,
ArXiv:103.4071 (2013).
Discussion leader: Alessandro.

May 21,2013
T. Palomaki, J. Harlow, J. Teufel, R. Simmonds, K. Lehnert
Coherent state transfer between itinerant microwave fields and a mechanical oscillator,
ArXiv:1304.6221 (2013).
Discussion leader: Gijs.

May 14,2013
M. Ansari
Nonequilibrium quasiparticle relaxation in superconducting qubits,
ArXiv:1304.6221 (2013).
Discussion leader: Frans.

May 7, 2013
R. Barends, J. Kelly, A. Megrant, D. Sank, E. Jeffrey, Y. Chen, Y. Yin, B. Chiaro, J. Mutus, C. Neill, P. O’Malley, P. Roushan, J. Wenner, T. C. White, A. N. Cleland, John M. Martinis
Coherent Josephson qubit suitable for scalable quantum integrated circuits,
ArXiv:1304.2322 (2013).
Discussion leader: Ad.

April 16, 2013
F. Reiter, L. Tornberg, G. Johansson, A. Sorensen,
Steady state entanglement of two superconducting qubits engineered by dissipation,
ArXiv:1304.0746 (2013).
Discussion leader: Christopher.

April 9,2013
Z. Leghtas, U. Vool, S. Shankar, M. Hatridge, S.M. Girvin, M.H. Devoret, & M. Mirrahimi,
Stabilizing a Bell state of two superconducting qubits by dissipation engineering,
ArXiv:1303.3819 (2013).
Discussion leader: Leo.

March 12,2013
P. Campagne-Ibarcq, E. Flurin, N. Roch, D. Darson, P. Morfin, M. Mirrahimi, M. Devoret, F. Mallet, B. Huard
Stabilizing the trajectory of a superconducting qubit by projective measurement feedback,
Arxiv:1301.6095 (2013).
Discussion leader: Marcin.

March 5, 2013
L. Steffen, A. Fedorov, M. Oppliger, Y. Salathe, P. Kurpiers, M. Baur, G. Puebla-Hellmann, C. Eichler, A. Wallraff
Realization of Deterministic Quantum Teleportation with Solid State Qubits,
Arxiv:1302.5621 (2013).
Discussion leader: Olli.

Feb. 26, 2013
L. Slodička, G. Hétet, N. Röck, P. Schindler, M. Hennrich, and R. Blatt
Atom-Atom Entanglement by Single-Photon Detection,
PRL 110, 083603 (2013).
Discussion leader: Diego.

Feb. 12, 2013
K. Murch, S. Weber, K. Beck, E. Ginossar, I. Siddiqi
Suppression of the radiative decay of atomic coherence in squeezed vacuum,
arXiv:1301.6276 (2013).
Discussion leader: Gijs.

Feb. 5, 2013
K. Fedorov, A. Shcherbakova, R. Schäfer, A. Ustinov
Josephson vortex coupled to a flux qubit,
arXiv:1301.5164 (2013).
Discussion leader: Yaroslav.

Jan. 15, 2013
A. Meier, B. Eastin, E. Knill
Magic-state distillation with the four-qubit code,
arXiv:1204.4221 (2012).
Discussion leader: Chris.

Jan. 15, 2013
V. Maisi, S. Lotkhov, A. Kemppinen, A. Heimes, J. Muhonen, J. Pekola
Single quasiparticle excitation dynamics on a superconducting island,
arXiv:1212.2755 (2012).
Discussion leader: Pieter.

Jan. 8, 2013
A. Fowler, M. Mariantoni, J. Martinis, A. Cleland
Surface codes: Towards practical large-scale quantum computation (pages 1-10),
arXiv:1208.0928 (2012).
Discussion leader: Sal.

Journal Club Archive 2012

Dec. 18, 2012
C. Quintana, K. Petersson, L. McFaul, S. Srinivasan, A. Houck, J. Petta
Cavity-Mediated Entanglement Generation Via Landau-Zener Interferometry,
arXiv:1207.0726 (2012).
Discussion leader: Leo.

Dec. 4, 2012.
Z. Leghtas, G. Kirchmair, B. Vlastakis, R. Schoelkopf, M. Devoret, M. Mirrahimi
Hardware-efficient autonomous quantum error correction,
arXiv:1207.0679 (2012).
Discussion leader: Marcin.

Nov. 27, 2012.
M. Sandberg, M. Vissers, T. Ohki, J. Gao, J. Aumentado, M. Weides, D. Pappas,
Long-lived, radiation-suppressed superconducting quantum bit in a planar geometry,
arXiv:1211.2017 (2012).
Discussion leader: Maryna.

Nov. 20, 2012.
Gerhard Kirchmair, Brian Vlastakis, Zaki Leghtas, Simon E. Nigg, Hanhee Paik, Eran Ginossar, Mazyar Mirrahimi, Luigi Frunzio, S. M. Girvin, R. J. Schoelkopf,
Observation of quantum state collapse and revival due to the single-photon Kerr effect,
arXiv:1211.2228 (2012).
Discussion leader: Diego.

Nov. 13, 2012.
K. Geerlings, Z. Leghtas, I. M. Pop, S. Shankar, L. Frunzio, R. J. Schoelkopf, M. Mirrahimi & M. H. Devoret,
Demonstrating a Driven Reset Protocol of a Superconducting Qubit,
arXiv:1211.0491 (2012)
Discussion leader: Ad.

Oct. 30, 2012.
Discussion on dilution fridges, reading material: Pobell ch 7.

Oct. 23, 2012.
Y. Yin, Y. Chen, D. Sank, P.J.J. O’Malley, T.C. White, R. Barends, J. Kelly, E. Lucero, M. Mariantoni, A. Megrant, C. Neill, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, A.N. Korotkov, A.N. Cleland & J.M. Martinis,
Controlled catch and release of microwave photon states,
Discussion leader: Gijs.

Sep. 25, 2012.
S. Ritter, C. Nolleke, C. Hahn, A. Reiserer, A. Neuzner, M. Uphoff, M. Mucke,
E. Figueroa, J. Bochmann & G. Rempe,
An elementary quantum network of single atoms in optical cavities,
Nature 484, 195 (2012).
Discussion leader: Leo.

Sep. 11, 2012.
C. Eichler, C. Lang, J.M. Fink, J. Govenius, S. Filipp, and A. Wallraff,
Observation of Entanglement Between Itinerant Microwave Photons and a Superconducting Qubit,
Discussion leader: Vishal.

Sept. 4, 2012
K.J. Stone, K.G. Megerian, P.K. Day, P.M. Echternach, J. Bueno, and N. Llombart,
Real time quasiparticle tunneling measurements on an illuminated quantum capacitance detector ,
Applied Physics Letters 100, 263509 (2012).
Discussion leader: Pieter.

Aug. 8, 2012
D.H. Slichter, R. Vijay, S.J. Weber, S. Boutin, M. Boissonneault, J.M. Gambetta, A. Blais, and I. Siddiqi,
Measurement-induced qubit state mixing in circuit QED from upconverted dephasing noise ,
Discussion leader: Diego.

Jul. 24, 2012
Tuesday, Jul. 24, at 10 am in F028.
K.W. Murch, U. Vool, D. Zhou, S.J. Weber, S.M. Girvin, and I. Siddiqi,
Cavity-assisted quantum bath engineering ,
Discussion leader: Niels.

Jul. 17, 2012
J.M. Pirkkalainen, S.U. Cho, J. Li, G.S. Paraoanu, P.J. Hakonen, and M.A. Sillanpää,
Hybrid circuit cavity quantum electrodynamics with a micromechanical resonator ,
Discussion leader: Julia.

Jul. 10, 2012
A.P. Sears, A. Petrenko, G. Catelani, L. Sun, H. Paik, G. Kirchmair, L. Frunzio, L.I. Glazman, S.M. Girvin, and R.J. Schoelkopf,
Photon Shot Noise Dephasing in the Strong-Dispersive Limit of Circuit QED ,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Jul. 3, 2012
G. Oelsner, P. Macha, O.V. Astafiev, E. Il’ichev, M. Grajcar, U. Hübner, B.I. Ivanov, P. Neilinger, and H.-G. Meyer,
Dressed-state amplification by a superconducting qubit ,
Discussion leader: Ad.

Jun. 12, 2012
O. Zilberberg, A. Romito, D.J. Starling, G.A. Howland, J.C. Howell, and Y. Gefen,
Null weak values and quantum state discrimination ,
Discussion leader: Marcin.

Jun. 5, 2012
S. Gustavsson, F. Yan, J. Bylander, F. Yoshihara, Y. Nakamura, T.P. Orlando, and W.D. Oliver,
Dynamical decoupling and dephasing in interacting two-level systems ,
Discussion leader: Vishal.

May 22, 2012
S. Gustavsson, J. Bylander, F. Yan, P. Forn-Díaz, V. Bolkhovsky, D. Braje, G. Fitch, K. Harrabi, D. Lennon, J. Miloshi, P. Murphy, R. Slattery, S. Spector, B. Turek, T. Weir, P.B. Welander, F. Yoshihara, D.G. Cory, Y. Nakamura, T.P. Orlando, and W.D. Oliver,
Driven dynamics and rotary echo of a qubit tunably coupled to a harmonic oscillator ,
Phys Rev. Lett. 108, 170503 (2012).
Discussion leader: Joost.

May 15, 2012
J.Li, M.P. Silveri, K.S. Kumar, J.-M. Pirkkalainen, A. Vepsäläinen, W.C. Chien, J. Tuorila, M.A. Sillanpää, P.J. Hakonen, E.V. Thuneberg, and G.S. Paraoanu,
Motional averaging in a superconducting qubit ,
Discussion leader: Diego.

May 8, 2012
K. Geerlings, S. Shankar, E. Edwards, L. Frunzio, R.J. Schoelkopf, and M.H. Devoret,
Improving the quality factor of microwave compact resonators by optimizing their geometrical parameters ,
Discussion leader: Thibault.

May 1, 2012
J.E. Johnson, C. Macklin, D.H. Slichter, R. Vijay, E.B. Weingarten, J. Clarke, and I. Siddiqi,
Heralded state preparation in a superconducting qubit ,
Discussion leader: Niels.

Apr. 24, 2012
L. Steffen, M.P. da Silva, A. Fedorov, M. Baur, and A. Wallraff,
Experimental Monte Carlo quantum process certification ,
Discussion leader: Julia.

Apr. 17, 2012
M.R. Vissers, M.P. Weides, J.S. Kline, M.O. Sandberg, and D.P. Pappas,
Identifying capacitive and inductive loss in lumped element superconducting hybrid titanium nitride/aluminum resonators ,
Discussion leader: Pieter.

Apr. 10, 2012
H. Malissa, D.I. Schuster, A.M. Tyryshkin, A.A. Houck, and S.A. Lyon,
Superconducting coplanar waveguide resonators for low temperature
pulsed electron spin resonance spectroscopy
Discussion leader: Vishal.

Apr. 3, 2012
N.S. Williams, and A.N. Jordan,
Weak values and the Leggett-Garg inequality in solid-state qubits,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 026804 (2008).
Discussion leader: Leo.

Mar. 27, 2012
K.W. Murch, S.J. Weber, E.M. Levenson-Falk, R.Vijay, and I. Siddiqi,
1/f noise of Josephson-junction-embedded microwave resonators at
single photon energies and millikelvin temperatures
Discussion leader: Ad.

Mar. 20, 2012
J.M. Chow, J.M. Gambetta, A.D. C’orcoles, S.T. Merkel, J.A. Smolin, C. Rigetti, S. Poletto, G.A. Keefe, M.B. Rothwell, J.R. Rozen, M.B. Ketchen, and M. Steffen,
Complete universal quantum gate set approaching fault-tolerant thresholds with superconducting qubits ,
Discussion leader: Joost.

Mar. 13, 2012
E. Lucero, R. Barends, Y. Chen, J. Kelly, M. Mariantoni, A. Megrant, P. O’Malley, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. White, Y. Yin, A.N. Cleland, and J.M. Martinis,
Computing prime factors with a Josephson phase qubit quantum processor ,
Discussion leader: Diego.

Mar. 6, 2012
N. Didier, Ya. M. Blanter, and F.W.J. Hekking,
Quantum dynamics of a driven three-level Josephson-atom maser ,
Phys Rev. B 82, 214507 (2010).
Discussion leader: Yaroslav.

Feb. 21, 2012
A. Frisk Kockum, L. Tornberg, and G. Johansson,
Undoing measurement-induced dephasing in circuit QED ,
Discussion leader: Marcin.

Feb. 14, 2012
B.H. Eom, P.K. Day, H.G. Leduc, and J. Zmuidzinas,
A Wideband, low-noise superconducting amplifier with high dynamic range ,
Discussion leader: Francois.

Jan. 31, 2012
A. Megrant, C. Neill, R. Barends, B. Chiaro, Y. Chen, L. Feigl, J. Kelly, E. Lucero, M. Mariantoni, P.J.J. O’Malley, D. Sank, A. Vainsencher, J. Wenner, T. C. White, Y. Yin, J. Zhao, C.J. Palmstrøm, J.M. Martinis, and A.N. Cleland,
Planar superconducting resonators with internal quality factors above one million ,
Discussion leader: Pieter.

Jan. 10, 2012
F. Nguyen, E. Zakka-Bajjani, R. Simmonds, and J. Aumentado,
Quantum interference between two single photons of different microwave frequencies ,
Discussion leader: Eva.

Jan. 10, 2012
Y.V. Fominov, M.Houzet, and L.I. Glazman,
Surface impedance of superconductors with weak magnetic impurities,
Phys. Rev. B 84,224517 (2011).
Discussion leader: Vishal.

Journal Club Archive 2011

Dec. 20, 2011
L. Sun, L. DiCarlo, M.D. Reed, G. Catelani, L.S. Bishop, D.I. Schuster, B.R. Johnson, G.A. Yang, L. Frunzio, L.I. Glazman, M.H. Devoret, and R.J. Schoelkopf,
Measurements of quasiparticle tunneling dynamics in a bandgap-engineered transmon qubit,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Nov. 22, 2011
Y. Kubo, C. Grezes, A. Dewes, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, H. Sumiya, N. Morishita, H. Abe, S. Onoda, T. Ohshima, V. Jacques, A. Dréau, J.-F. Roch, I. Diniz, A. Auffeves, D. Vion, D. Esteve, and P. Bertet,
Hybrid quantum circuit with a superconducting qubit coupled to a spin ensemble,
ArXiv:1110.2978 (Submitted).
Discusssion leader: Vishal.

Nov. 15, 2011
J.E. Johnson, E.M. Hoskinson, C. Macklin, D.H. Slichter, I. Siddiqi, and J. Clarke,
Dispersive readout of a flux qubit at the single photon level,
Discussion leader: Diego.

Nov. 8, 2011
G.D. Fuchs, G.Burkard, P.V. Klimov, and D.D. Awschalom,
A quantum memory intrinsic to single nitrogen–vacancy centres in diamond,
Nature Physics 7,789–793 (2011).
Discussion leader: Joost.

Oct. 25, 2011
T.T. Hongisto, and A.B. Zorin,
Quantum phase slip interference device based on superconducting nanowire,
Discussion leader: Ad.

Oct. 18, 2011
O.-P. Saira, A.Kemppinen, V.F. Maisi, and J.P. Pekola,
Is aluminum a perfect superconductor?,
Discussion leader: Pieter.

Oct. 4, 2011
Y. Kubo, I. Diniz, A. Dewes, V. Jacques, A. Dreau, J.-F. Roch, A. Auffeves, D. Vion, D. Esteve, and P. Bertet,
Storage and retrieval of a microwave field in a spin ensemble,
Discussion leader: Vishal.

Sep. 27, 2011
M.D. Reed, L. DiCarlo, S.E. Nigg, L. Sun, L. Frunzio, S.M. Girvin, and R.J. Schoelkopf,
Realization of three-qubit quantum error correction with superconducting circuits,
Discussion leader: Leo.

Sep. 13, 2011
M. Mariantoni, H. Wang, T. Yamamoto, M. Neeley, R.C. Bialczak, Y. Chen, M. Lenander, E. Lucero, A.D. O’Connell, D. Sank, M. Weides, J. Wenner, Y. Yin, J. Zhao, A.N. Korotkov, A.N. Cleland, and J.M. Martinis,
Implementing the quantum von Neumann architecture with superconducting circuits,
Science, 334 (6052), 61-65 (2011).
Discussion leader: Josephine.

Sep. 7, 2011
A. Fedorov, L. Steffen, M. Baur, and A. Wallraff,
Implementation of a Toffoli gate with superconducting circuits,
Discussion leader: Diego.

Aug. 30, 2011
S. Filipp, A.F. van Loo, M. Baur, L. Steffen, and A. Wallraff,
Preparation of subradiant states using local qubit control in circuit QED,
Discussion leader: Joost.