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Francesco Battistel, PhD 2017-2021
Alessandro Ciani,
Joey Barreto
Master student_2021
Anne-Fleur Dijkhorst
(Double Bachelor Applied Phys./Math., 2021)
Menno van Laarhoven (Double Bachelor Applied Phys./Math., 2020)
Marijn Waaijer (Double Bachelor Applied Phys/Math., 2019)
Tumi Aluko Bachelor student
Jonathan Conrad Master student
Marios Ioannou Master student
Jarn de Jong Master student
Joel Klassen Postdoc
Matteo Lostaglio Postdoc
Xiaotong Ni Postdoc
Lizzy Reith Bachelor student
Manuel Rispler Postdoc
Maarten Stroeks Master student
Christophe Vuillot PhD student
Daniel Weigand PhD student
Olivia Hefti Master student

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