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Siddhant Singh completed his Integrated BS-MS degree at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (2020), where he specialized in quantum information and computation. Throughout his undergraduate, he has worked on the intersection of quantum information processing, quantum optics, and condensed matter theory; that included both the algorithmic aspects as well as the physical realization. Some results of his master thesis were published in Physical Review A, that defined an efficient architecture for quantum computation. In 2021, He joined Theoretical Quantum Physics Laboratory in RIKEN, Japan as a research assistant under the group of Franco Nori, where he worked on circuit-QED, mostly in the development of long distance transfer protocols. He also has an evolving interest in quantum computing industry and had worked at an Indian startup working in quantum algorithms. Since the very start of his university years, quantum information has been his primary focus which led him pursue various research visits internationally. That is why he also shares an equal love for traveling and learning different cultures round the globe.

Siddhant enthusiastically joined the group of David Elkouss in August, 2021 to work in the distributed architecture of quantum information processing, and large quantum networks as his PhD research. He also works towards the theory and benchmarking of nitrogen-vacancy diamond based experiments to realize these large distance quantum networks. Since the real experiments are prone to noise, he is learning the theory of quantum error correction and topological codes.

Siddhant likes to maintain his website (siddhant-singh.com). He is an avid chess player and loves learning chess theories. He enjoys extreme adventurous sports that includes paragliding, and skydiving - recently jumped from the skies of Lucerne, Switzerland!