3D Integration Technology for Quantum Computer based on Diamond Spin Qubits

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Integration of single crystal diamond photonic crystal on silicon substrate for quantum computer

Toshiki Iwai, Oscar Tenorio Pearl, Ryoichi Ishihara

Hasselt Diamond Workshop

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Diamond colour centers for quantum internet and sensors

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A Si/SiGe based quantum dot with floating gates for scalability

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Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop 2018 13th ‐15th of November 2018 Sydney, Australia

Vacuum assisted liquified metal (VALM) TSV filling method with superconductive material

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Cryogenic DRAM-based voltage controller integrated with Si/SiGe quantum dot

Miki Trifunovic, Andrea Corna, Nodar Samkharadze, Lieven Vandersypen, Ryoichi Ishihara

Quantum Electronics Workshop