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Nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond

Sophie Hermans – MSc student at QuTech – explaining her Master’s Thesis on nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond. “I don’t know yet what the implications of a quantum internet will be, but I think it will be the invention of the 21st century.”

Majorana signatures

Guanzhong Wang – MSc student at QuTech – explaining his Master’s Thesis on Majorana signatures. “The next few years is really going to be an exiting time in our field. And I really want to be there when we eventually have a topological qubit.”

Building blocks of a quantum computer

Discover how a quantum computer works. Explore the scientific principles behind it, and the software that operates it. A new online course about the building blocks of a quantum computer is available via

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Introduction to Quantum Information

Professor Stephanie Wehner of QuTech introduces the basic quantum principles like qubits and entanglement. “I really want to send qubits from any place on earth to any other place on earth. It would be super cool if we can generate entanglement between any two points on earth!” This video is part of the online course that is available on

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Applications of quantum computers and internet

Discover quantum computers and the quantum internet. Learn the principles and promises behind these developments and how they will impact our future. This online course is available on .

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Fundamentals of Quantum Information

Professors Stephanie Wehner and Leo DiCarlo introduce the MSc course Fundamentals of Quantum Information. You will learn more about the basics in quantum technologies: what are qubits, and how are they different from classical bits? And how can a qubit be realised?

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Quantum Internet

Professors Stephanie Wehner and Ronald Hanson introducing the MSc course Quantum Communication and Cryptography. This course will teach you more on quantum communication and quantum internet. What can we do with it? And how does it allow us to communicate securely?

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Quantum Computing

Professor Lieven Vandersypen will introduce to you the MSc course Quantum Hardware. How can a quantum computer actually be built? How is a single qubit realised? And how can we ever put together many qubits in a large scale machine?

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