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Quantum Technology is a key future emerging technology.  QuTech is at the forefront of research and development in quantum technology. QuTech has research & technology roadmaps, closely cross connected by the development of corresponding quantum software, shared development, and education of future quantum technology experts.

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  • Electron spins talk to each other via a ‘quantum mediator’

    10 October 2016
    The unparalleled possibilities of quantum computers are currently still limited because information exchange between the bits in such computers is…
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  • Microsoft intensifies quantum cooperation with QuTech

    21 November 2016
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    Superconductivity mediated long-range coupling between spin qubits in silicon

    18 November 2016
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    Researchers prevent quantum errors from occurring by continuously watching a quantum system

    7 October 2016
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    More stable qubits in perfectly normal silicon

    4 October 2016
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  • Quantum Cryptography online class

    8 September 2016
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    Large-scale quantum processing: On the same wavelength

    23 August 2016
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    QuTech blog ‘Bits of Quantum’

    26 July 2016
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    De kwantumcomputer komt eraan

    5 July 2016
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  • Leo Kouwenhoven to give lecture on state television

    4 October 2016
    Starting this month, several lectures of the University of the Netherlands (Universiteit van Nederland) will be broadcast on NPO3. Professor…
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  • Ronald Hanson wins Huibregtsen prize 2016

    3 October 2016
    The Huibregtsen prize 2016 has been won by Prof. Ronald Hanson for his research into 'Safe surfing on the quantum…
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QuTech needs great students with the drive and talent to help us accelerate the effort to build a quantum computer and a large-scale quantum Internet.

QuTech Academy is the first in mainland Europe to offer a targeted program in the area of Quantum Technology and Quantum Information.

Master’s Courses

Students completing all four courses below (a total of 20 ECTS) will be optimally prepared to undertake research…
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About QuTech

Why now
Quantum science has entered a transformational phase from university-based research to engineering-driven technologies. Seemingly fundamental limitations of quantum systems have recently been overcome. Although significant challenges remain available to create further scientific breakthroughs, we have also reached the point where quantum science is ready for engineering.

Why here
The Netherlands has an innovative ecosystem in the high-tech industry supply chain. In the Netherlands a well-trained and talented human capital pool is already present and can be further expanded towards this future technology. The very first quantum technology startups and SMEs addressing these markets are already sprouting.

Why us
Quantum research in Delft is at the forefront of new developments with seminal discoveries in superconductor- and semiconductor-based qubits, the discovery of the Majorana fermion, and the recent demonstration of teleportation between two chips separated by 3 meters. In order to enable the existing and future European high-tech industry to gain a sizeable portion of the future quantum sector, TU Delft and TNO have established joint a center of know-how with Industrial partners.