Towards a National Agenda on Quantum Technologies

Last week, on 16 April, players in the Dutch quantum ecosystem met in the Geertekerk in Utrecht to formulate the ambition of becoming the quantum technology ‘capital of the world’. This ambition takes shape in a National Agenda on Quantum Technologies, which intends to strengthen and firmly position the Dutch quantum field internationally with broad support from science, industry, government and society. Over 100 scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers and decision makers provided their input.

Dutch universities and knowledge institutions have a leading position in the global development of quantum hardware and software, and the corresponding algorithms and applications. The Netherlands wants to maintain and expand its position as a guide in the field of quantum technology. To this end, several Dutch organizations working on quantum technology have taken the initiative to build the National Agenda on Quantum Technologies, to be presented to Dutch policy makers in June 2019.

The National Agenda on Quantum Technologies pursues the following goals:
• Connecting parties in the Netherlands, working together on common goals and challenges;
• Accelerating the economic impact of quantum technology for the Netherlands;
• Contributing to the social obligations of the government;
• Position the Netherlands as an international knowledge and innovation hub for quantum technology.

Video: Robbert Dijkgraaf supports the National Agenda (in Dutch)

Video credits: Marieke de Lorijn

Photo credits: Ivar Pel

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