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Let’s make the Netherlands Quantum Ready!

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Building a National Agenda on Quantum Technologies
Recently, several Dutch organizations working on quantum technology have taken the initiative to build a National Agenda on Quantum Technologies, to be presented to Dutch policy makers in June 2019. The agenda intends to strengthen and firmly position the Dutch quantum field internationally with broad support from science, industry, government and society.

You are invited to join!
It is our great pleasure to invite you to a work session on the agenda, on Tuesday 16th April. The aim of this meeting is to bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers and decision makers in order to take the next step in realizing this ambitious agenda. As a participant, you will be offered the chance to share your thoughts and provide your input on the agenda.

Meeting program
The program will begin at 9 am and end around 2 pm, with drinks. The meeting will start with a plenary session, after which several simultaneous round table sessions will take place– each focussing on a particular topic of interest for the agenda. The day chair of the meeting is Freeke Heijman. Several inspiring speakers will make their appearance, among which Prof. Dr. Carlo Beenakker (Instituut Lorentz, Leiden and NWA quantum/nano route), Prof. Dr. Tanja Lange (QT/e, TU/e), Prof. Dr. Jan de Boer (Prof. theoretical physics and member of NWO domain board Physical and Natural Sciences), Jaya Baloo (KPN, Chief Information Security Officer) and Jim Stolze (Author, Entrepreneur).

Registration and preference
If you are interested in participating, please register here. When registering, you are kindly requested to indicate which round table you would like to join after the plenary session (you can provide your first and second choice). Taking your preference into account, the organizing team will appoint you to one of the tables. The deadline for registration is 9th of April.

We hope you will join!
Working together on the National Agenda will contribute to a strong national program and ecosystem, enabling The Netherlands to stay at the forefront of research and development in quantum technology and to create and seize the business opportunities this revolutionary technology offers in dealing with the societal challenges we are facing. We therefore hope to meet you on the 16th of April!

The event is an initiative by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and is hosted by TNO and NWO.

Photographer: Marieke de Lorijn

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