Quantum Inspire

The multi hardware quantum technology platform

Quantum Inspire is a prototype full-stack quantum computer. It serves as a training and education platform, a test-bed for application development and as an invitation for co-development and collaborative R&D of quantum computers.

In May 2020, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven and European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel formally launched Quantum Inspire: Europe’s first public quantum computing platform. The platform focuses primarily on training, education, and the development of applications, so that more people can use the quantum computer as it develops further and becomes more widely available. First-hand experience will allow the technology to be adopted more rapidly in society.

As a world first, Quantum Inspire contains a processor made of highly promising semiconductor ‘spin qubits’. The electron spin qubit is made with the same technique as a classic transistor and is just as small. This makes it suitable for mass production. The platform also provides access to a processor made of superconducting (transmon) qubits – a unique combination. Users can experiment with quantum algorithms and compare the processors.

Quantum Inspire is a platform with a high degree of modularity and offers the public cloud-based access to QuTech quantum technologies, such as:

  • Programmable quantum processors:
    (1) SPIN-2: a 2-qubit processor based on spin qubits in Silicon, and
    (2) STARMON-5: a 5-qubit processor based on superconducting transmon qubits.
  • QX-26 and QX-31: Programmable quantum computer simulators up to 31 qubits.
  • Tutorials and user background knowledge on quantum information processing.


This short animation explains the journey of the quantum algorithm through Quantum Inspire.


In the coming years, we want Quantum Inspire to become the showroom of quantum computing technology developed in the Netherlands and Europe by providing new and better quantum processors based on spin qubits, transmon qubits and other technologies such as NV center qubits.


The multi hardware quantum technology platform


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