Do you want to join a vibrant research community dedicated to the development and deployment of quantum technology, or know someone who might? The group is always looking for motivated Master and Bachelor students who wants to embark on a research project. Send an email to Maximilian Rimbach-Russ and hear more about the current opportunities in the group.

Current openings

We currently have a postdoc position. To apply please email Maximilian your CV together with a brief description of your research interests and arrange for the recommendation letters to be emailed to us. In the application explain why you are interested in doing research in our group.


The salaries are somewhat hard to estimate because they grow by around 100€ per year, and are also larger for employees from abroad due to the tax reduction known as the 30% ruling. A rough estimate of the starting salary is around 1800€/month after tax for Dutch PhDs, 2000€/month for PhDs coming from abroad, and 2700€/month for postdocs.

The PhD contract is 4 years, and you’ll need to spend around 10% of the time teaching. The postdoc contract duration is usually 3 years, and there are no teaching obligations. PhD students and postdocs regularly go to conferences and summer schools. The participation in those as well as computing needs are fully covered by us.

Don’t hesitate to email us if you have additional question