Optics Engineer

We are always interested in talented optics engineers, especially ones with a background in quantum. Our optics engineers form the lynch pin of our work. They understand the systems, understand the needs, know how to assess everything, and provide feedback to the rest of the team. Plus, our optics engineers get the chance to work on sites like datacenters. Our optics engineers run the systems.

If you’re recently graduated from a Masters, PhD or are even a post-doc, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Software Engineer

We are always interested in talented software engineers working at all levels from firmware, embedded software to networking protocols. With lots of new challenges, we need independent-thinking, flexible, clever people to devise new solutions. Our software engineers are the backbone of our work: Everything relies on good software control and interfaces. Our software engineers run the network.

If you’re interested in getting into quantum, and have experience in firmware, embedded, distributed, or networking software development, we’d be happy to hear from you.


Interested to join our mission to provide the secure quantum network of the future? Please contact Joshua Slater (j.a.slater@tudelft.nl).