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Entanglement Distillation - 2017

Scientists all over the world are working towards new methods to realize an unhackable internet, an internet based on quantum entanglement – an invisible quantum mechanical connection – as networking links. The greatest challenge is scaling to large networks that share entangled links with many particles and network nodes. Researchers in Delft and Oxford have now managed to distil a strong entangled link by combining multiple weaker quantum links into one. This method is essential to realize a trustworthy quantum network between several quantum nodes. This innovative new work has been published in Science magazine.

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Press Release and News items

Scientific article

Entanglement distillation between solid-state quantum network nodes
N. Kalb*, A. A. Reiserer*, P. C. Humphreys*, J. J. W. Bakermans, S. J. Kamerling, N. H. Nickerson, S. C. Benjamin, D. J. Twitchen, M. Markham, R. Hanson
Science, published online June 2, 2017.
DOI: 10.1126/science.aan0070
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The entanglement distillation protocol is a two step process. First non-local raw input states are generated. Second, local operations allow for the distillation of a higher-quality output state.


Artists representation of two entangled states shared between two diamonds. A key ingredient for the realization of entanglement distillation.


This video explains the concept of entanglement distillation for a general audience.