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Nitrogen vacancy (NV) centres are the workhorses behind several quantum technology applications. The centres have a unique set of properties that make them suitable for quantum computing, quantum networking and quantum sensing. At the same time, the diamond material protects the centres for external noise and enables operation in ambient conditions. TNO provides a unique facility for the characterisation of NV centres in diamond material and in diamond devices.

Testing your diamond devices

If you have artificially grown diamonds or diamond devices that you want to have tested, the engineers at TNO can automatically, rapidly and reliably screen, select, characterise, and mark individual NV centres. The characterisation laboratory is equipped with a setup allowing us to automatically scan the surface and the volume of the diamond sample. This can be used for the location of individual NV centres with sub-micron precision, to measure the density and uniformity of their distribution. Additionally, characterising orientation of the NV centres in the crystal lattice, their brightness, as well as lifetime (T1) and quantum coherence times (T2* and T2 under dynamical decoupling) can be done. G2 measurements can also be performed.


  • A characterisation report with the localized NV centres and if desired their orientations, brightness, lifetime (T1) and quantum coherence times (T2* and T2)
  • An optional meeting with a measurement specialist in which the results can be discussed


Available upon request.


If you have questions or would like to receive more information about quantum facilities and services offered at TNO, please contact Nick de Jong.