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Connecting to Quantum Internet


Connecting to Quantum Internet

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  • Date 15.06.2021
  • Location Online
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Quantum computing and the Internet can bring solutions to current and future issues and challenges. The promises of these new technologies are great. But what can ‘Quantum’ mean for your organisation in concrete terms? When do you get involved and how do you make sure you stay connected to this new and rapidly growing technology? QuTech, KPN and SURF are organising a webinar on this subject on 15 June. Register now!

Different perspectives

A quantum network is a radically new technology with ground-breaking applications. But how far have we got in the Netherlands, which parties are participating and what can we do with a future quantum network? We will provide answers to these and other questions during a webinar on 15 June. Speakers from various sectors will tell you what impact the quantum internet can have and how organisations can make the most of these advantages.


Experts in the field of research, the business community and the government paint an up-to-date picture of the quantum internet in the Netherlands. In one morning you will be informed about the status, importance and potential of quantum. For your organisation, for the Netherlands and the world. The webinar is intended especially for programme managers, policy makers, project leaders and managers responsible for research and innovation in organisations, or people who are closely involved in strategy formation around technology. Do you recognise yourself in this? Then sign up!

The potential of quantum

Groundbreaking applications are attributed to quantum technology. For example, quantum communication is potentially immune to eavesdropping. It is expected that quantum communication networks will eventually evolve into a global quantum internet, enabling secure communication, position verification, clock synchronisation and the performance of calculations on external quantum computers, among other things. Problems for which there is currently no solution could be solved in the future.

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