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Evaluation QuTech: excellent quality of research and engineering!

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An international review committee, chaired by Professor Dave Blank, has indicated in its report that it was a great pleasure to delve into QuTech’s activities. The committee saw both the unique quality and results of the research and the enthusiasm among the entire QuTech team, was still as great as noted by the previous review committee in January 2019.

Fruitful period

The review committee concluded that the period 2019–2021 was very fruitful for QuTech: the quality of its research and engineering activities is excellent beyond doubt. This quality is demonstrated in high-quality output and world-leading work on several fields within quantum computing and the quantum internet. As such, the institute is very well equipped to realize its mission, and is recognized as a world-class research institute for quantum technology. The set-up where researchers and engineers work closely together is a globally distinguishing factor and provides unique opportunities to work on tangible demonstrators and prototypes, they concluded. QuTech is heavily investing in creating societal and economic impact for quantum technology, including industrial partnerships, setting up spin-off companies and providing education in quantum technology. The institute has been very successful in acquiring funding and support for its activities in the coming years. In addition, the organization has taken another important step forward in the field of professional management.


The committee has made a number of recommendations that endorse QuTech’s ambition. Implementing these requires the vision and courage that the entire QuTech team radiates to a great extent. According to the committee, the central questions for the coming years should be what type of organization QuTech should become in the long term, and how economic impact can be generated regarding quantum technology within the Netherlands and Europe, in combination with the ecosystem that has been built around the organization.

Tim van der Hagen, President of TU Delft: “We are pleased that the committee considers the quality of QuTech’s research and engineering activities in the past three years to be excellent beyond doubt. In the light of the recommendations, we will discuss with the QuTech management the future development of the QuTech organisation.”

Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi, CEO of TNO: “It’s good to hear that the evaluation committee recognizes QuTech’s research and engineering activities as being of world-class quality. Their work in the field of quantum technology holds enormous promise for society, industry, and science. This evaluation shows that they are on the right track to further develop the institute in the coming years.”

Lieven Vandersypen, Director Research of QuTech: “The positive assessment of our activities by the review committee reflects the efforts made by all QuTech employees in the past period to boldly realize our mission. The QuTech Board of Directors is very proud of this achievement and looks forward to shaping the future development of QuTech with the support of our parent organizations.”

You can read the full evaluation report here, or on our evaluation reports page.

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