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Annual Report 2019 published: How QuTech is Creating the Quantum Future

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Annual Report 2019 published: How QuTech is Creating the Quantum Future

Today, we published the QuTech annual report for 2019. The report presents a brief overview of the achievements in 2019, in terms of research and engineering, collaboration and community building, education and outreach, and people and prizes. We are happy to report strong results.
QuTech works on radically new technology with world-changing potential: based on the fundamental laws of quantum particles, we aim to develop scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and an inherently safe quantum internet. Our annual report for 2019 reports the key developments of last year, both in our research as well as in other aspects of the organization.
One of the key developments is the amount of research progress that we were able to celebrate in 2019. The annual report highlights the important progress achieved with respect to the quantum computer, the quantum internet and two QuTech demonstrator platforms. In these areas, QuTech is pushing both the theoretical as well as the experimental envelope.
Other 2019 highlights involve QuTech’s partnerships, educational activities and awards. A notable example of these highlights is the excellent evaluation report from the international review committee, chaired by Robbert Dijkgraaf, at the beginning of 2019. Besides these highlights, the organizational structure of QuTech has also gone through an important change: it transitioned from an institute in the Faculty of Applied Sciences to a separate organizational entity within TU Delft. This change reflects QuTech’s increased importance and interdisciplinary nature, and will likely expand its visibility and operational effectiveness.
We’ve embraced the digital magazine format, allowing for a more interactive experience. You can browse through the report on desktop. Please click on the image below to view the report online.
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