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19.05.2015In the media

Vidi grants for Stephanie Wehner and Michael Wimmer

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The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded Vidi grants to Stephanie Wehner and Michael Wimmer. Vidi targets experienced researchers qualified to PhD level who are already some years into their research career. A Vidi grant enables them to spend five years conducting research and developing their own innovative line of research.

Large quantum networks from small quantum devices
Stephanie Wehner
The internet has transformed the way we live. A future quantum internet will be able to solve problems that are outside the reach of conventional communication networks, such as secure communication guaranteed by natural laws. In this project, researchers will work on mathematical tools and robust protocols to make a quantum internet based on realistic quantum devices.

Designing robust quantum building blocks
Michael Wimmer
Quantum effects at nanoscale make new electronics possible, such as a quantum computer. However, quantum effects are often too fragile. This research will use computer simulations to discover how so-called topological nano building blocks can be built from conventional materials in order to achieve robust quantum characteristics.


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