Michael Wimmer

Roadmap Leader Topological Quantum Computing

Michael Wimmer leads the Quantum tinkerer group jointly with Anton Akhmerov

Room F340
Management assistent: Jenny Boks-Zondervan


Bibliometric data

h-index: 27

  • total number of citations: 2563

(from Google Scholar, 29th of January 2018)


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Publications in refereed journals


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– Selected as Editors’ suggestion and featured in Physics –

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Selected as Editor’s suggestion –

Kwant: a software package for quantum transport
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PDF, ArXiv

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Selected as Editor’s suggestion –

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Selected as Editor’s suggestion –


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Algorithm 923: Efficient Numerical Computation of the Pfaffian for Dense and Banded Skew-Symmetric Matrices
M. Wimmer
ACM Trans. Math. Software 38, 30 (2012)

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PDF, ArXiv


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Selected as Editor’s suggestion –

Weak localization in mesoscopic hole transport: Berry phases and classical correlations
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PDF, ArXiv

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Selected as Editor’s suggestion –


Robustness of edge states in graphene quantum dots
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, A.R. Akhmerov and F. Guinea
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PDF, ArXiv

Majorana bound states without vortices in topological superconductors with electrostatic defects
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Optimal block-tridiagonalization of matrices for coherent charge transport
M. Wimmer
and K. Richter
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PDF, ArXiv


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, S.V. Nair and J. Shumway
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PDF, ArXiv

Zeeman ratchets for ballistic spin currents
M. Scheid, M. Wimmer, D. Bercioux and K. Richter
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PDF, ArXiv

Chapters in books

Spin-polarized quantum transport in mesoscopic conductors: Computational concepts and physical phenomena
M. Wimmer, M. Scheid and K. Richter
In: Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science (Springer, 2009)


Quantum transport in nanostructures: From computational concepts to spintronics in graphene and magnetic tunnel junctions
M. Wimmer
Universitätsverlag Regensburg (Regensburg, 2009)

Publications in proceedings

Tunneling magnetoresistance: The relevance of disorder at the interface
M. Wimmer and K. Richter
In: Proc. 27th Int. Conf. on the Physics of Semiconductors, 1375-1376 (2005)

Aspects of electronic transport: A bottom-up approach
A. Lassl and M. Wimmer
In: Workshop Report V of the Windberg Meeting 2005 (editiert von F. Nesi, L. Mayrhofer, J. Trenner, M. Grifoni und C. Schüller), 131-150 (2005)

Disorder effects on spin-dependent tunneling
M. Wimmer
In: Worksthop Report IV of the Windberg Meeting 2004 (editiert von B. Rieder and A. Glukhovskoy), 55-68 (2004)