QuTech Annual Report 2018: Looking back at an excellent year

QuTech proudly presents the Annual Report for 2018. The report gives an overview of developments in QuTech’s roadmaps along with other exciting activities that took place in 2018. It also presents staff developments and introduces the new governance structure. Looking back, 2018 was an excellent year that in many ways shows our transition from a ‘start-up phase’ to a more efficient and powerful organization with a unique culture.

At QuTech, we work on one of the grandest and most exciting challenges of this time: to realize technological breakthroughs based on the fundamental laws of quantum particles. Our mission is to develop scalable prototypes of a quantum computer and inherently safe quantum internet based on superposition and entanglement, by bringing world-class scientists, engineers, and industry together in an inspiring environment.

Downloads: Annual Report 2018 (PDF)

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