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Vinod Narain


Room B006


Started at QuTech in March 2022 in the technician team to use my current qualities, but also focus on further development.

Familiar with TU organization and laboratory/cleanroom environment in my previous job as cleanroom facility technician at Else Kooi laboratory. In this complex and dynamic environment I was responsible for the management of the building-related installations (assets) that are connected to the processes of the equipment needed for the laboratory, such as the clean air installations, the process gas order and connect supply, ultra-clean water production, compressed air and house vacuum. With the use of a complex building management system everything for the cleanroom/lab to check the functional optimally 24 hours a day.

I coordinated work, in collaboration with my direct colleagues, including; researchers, laboratory technicians, students, employees of the organization as well as employees of supply companies and emergency services (BHV). I have extensive experience in lab facilities. Including the implementation of new systems, techniques and mechanical constructions/set-ups.

In my spare time I like to cycling and forest walking. And also go to gallery’s such as art and history.

I find it a challenge to work at QuTech and I am happy to be part of it.