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Tzula Benjamin Propp [they/them](San Diego, California, 1993) studied Physics and Philosophy (BA) at the College of Wooster, Ohio, and Physics (PhD) at the University of Oregon where they studied models of single-photon detection. They then joined University of New Mexico’s Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC) as an NSF postdoctoral fellow to study decoherence. As of August 2023, Tzula has joined QuTech as a postdoc in the Wehner group, supporting the development of the photonic client and researching novel applications of the quantum internet.

Besides being a quantum theorist, Tzula is a harpist and avid science communicator. They also enjoy yoga, gardening, cycling, participating in broader queer culture, and celebrating the existence of their wonderful cat King Ubu AKA Small Bean Black Bean Moonbean Sunbean Beanonoire Tiabeanie Beanie Baby Sneaky Bean and The Bean. They are also passionate about social justice and dismantling the cultures of patriarchal white supremacy embedded within Physics as a discipline, as well as supporting the professional development and resilience of students from marginalized groups in Quantum.

If you’re interested in being part of the near-peer mentorship network Tzula is facilitating through Diversity in Quantum, or collaborating in science outreach, or need a quantum physics trained harpist for some reason, please feel free to send Tzula an email: t.b.propp@[tudelft.nl]