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PhD Candidate

Tim Vroomans



Room 22.B207
Di Carlo Lab

In 2014, fresh out of high school, Tim came to the Delft University of Technology. While studying physics, he developed a strong interest in quantum computing. After realizing he was studying next to one of the major research institutes on that very subject, he decided to follow the related minor and master programs and apply for a project at the DiCarlo lab. After an internship at Orange Quantum Systems, he is now also starting his PhD project at the DiCarlo lab. During his PhD research he will study and develop superconducting tunable-coupler based QPUs while optimizing and automizing the necessary characterization and calibration protocols.

In my spare time I enjoy getting the most out of my coffee setup at home while listening to some muse records. In the evenings I like to cook food for my friends while drinking a cool beer. When I’m on my own, I like to optimize single-stage-to-orbit vessels in Kerbal Space Program or play on my guitar.