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Tim Coopmans


Room B205
+31 (0)15 2990
Elkouss Group


PhD student in quantum networks.

Currently working on:

- QNetSquid: a simulator for quantum networks

If Alice would like to teleport her state to Bob, then should they distill their existing entanglement first or just teleport Alice’s state as soon as possible? The answer to this question depends on many parameters such as the decay rate of the qubits involved, the quality of the generated entanglement, the distance, the loss rate of the qubits (photons) sent, etc.

In order to maximize the quality of the teleported state, it is useful to identify the importance of each of these parameters for teleportation in particular. For increasingly larger network communication protocols, finding the dependence on the several hardware parameters can barely be solved analytically.

In order to tackle this problem, we develop a generic simulator for quantum network protocols, called QNetSquid.

- Efficient classical algorithms for simulation of stabilizer states.

Enjoys far-fetched language jokes.