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Tim Coopmans


Room B113/B115
+31 (0)15 2990
Elkouss Group

After a master thesis in certification of quantum states under supervision of Jed Kaniewski (University of Copenhagen) and Christian Schaffner (University of Amsterdam), Tim Coopmans went on to do a PhD in the analysis of quantum network protocols in the group of David Elkouss and Stephanie Wehner in 2017.

Major results so far include the co-development of the NetSquid simulation platform for quantum networks (2020, arXiv paper) and a novel efficient algorithm for fully characterising long-distance entanglement distribution protocols in the presence of imperfect memories (2019 arXiv, published in IEEE JSAC 2020).

Tim is part of the QuTech Speakers group since the beginning of 2020. Tim’s earlier outreach activities include spreading science enthusiasm to kids on the Klokhuis Vragendag and quantum wickedness to undergraduate students at Utrecht University.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys jazz music and far-fetched language jokes.