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Sjoerd Loenen


Room F004

Taminiau Lab

Sjoerd Loenen (Groningen, The Netherlands 1994) received his BSc and MSc in Applied Physics from the University of Technology Eindhoven. During his MSc he performed a three-month internship within the group of Ian Walmsley at Oxford University and completed his thesis within Tim Taminiau’s group at the University of Technology Delft.

For one year during his studies, Sjoerd was active as a full-time board member of UniPartners Nederland, the national department of an academic consultancy institute ran by students. In addition, he participated in summer schools in Hong-Kong and Shanghai (NAHSS) and in CERN to boost his personal development and interest in physics. After completing his MSc, he joined Tim Taminiau’s group as a PhD student working on quantum networks with solid state defect systems.

Sjoerd is motivated to translate the complex world of quantum physics and the fundamental aspects underlying this theory to a story understandable for a large audience. He likes to take examples from his own research with lattice defects in diamond to make his story tangible. Sjoerd is a strong believer of the strength of metaphors to make complex concepts come to life in the everyday imagination of people interested in physics.
If you are an audience interested in physics and specifically quantum physics, feel free to contact Sjoerd.

In his spare time Sjoerd practices football as a goalkeeper in the first squad of the Universities’ football team. Furthermore, he works out and is keen to play tennis. In addition to sports, Sjoerd enjoys spending time with family and friends and during weekends he likes to go out and grab a drink (or more than one).