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Sander de Snoo


Room B211
+31 (0)15 278 1155
Vandersypen Lab

Sander studied applied physics at Delft University of Technology (1993) and Paris Diderot University (1991). He obtained his Master’s in physics from TU Delft with the thesis ‘Modelling electrical volume conduction in the cochlea’. Additionally, he studied numerical methods for fluid modelling at mathematics department of Eindhoven University of Technology (1995).

Sander has been working for 25 years as professional software engineer in industry. He has designed systems for traffic management, customer electronics, radiation monitoring, herd management and health monitoring. He has experience with real time systems, embedded software, numerical methods, signal processing, data communication, user interfaces and database applications. Sanders main interest is quantum control hardware and software. He wants to improve the architecture of quantum control systems and apply his knowledge to build better software and advance research.

In 2020 Sander started working for QuTech in the spin-qubit groups of Lieven Vandersypen and Menno Veldhorst as a software engineer for lab research. He has accelerated the measurement control software and made it more robust. He supports the researchers by solving software problems and advising them.

In his spare time Sander likes running, dancing salsa and reading. The history of digital computing is one of the topics he likes to read about.