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Salahuddin Nur carried out his PhD in silicon quantum technologies in the Quantum Spin Dynamics group, led by Professor John Morton at University College London. During his PhD, Salahuddin worked on developing an optical readout technique for donor qubits in silicon. For this, he designed, fabricated, and tested various photonic structures, cavities which have potential to enhance zero-phonon emissions from donor bound excitons in silicon.

After completing his PhD in 2018, Salahuddin joined Quantum Nanophotonics group at the Centre for Cold Matter, Imperial College London. There, he explored photonic structures, optical cavities and coupling them to novel quantum emitters for efficient single photon sources.

Salahuddin finished his postdoc in the Quantum Integration Technology (QIT) group/the Ishihara Lab in November 2023, where he was working on developing scalable fabrication and on-chip integration processes for diamond-based quantum technologies. The research encompasses incorporation of photonic and electronic circuits with spins in diamond and integration of diamond color centers for realizing a scalable, compact and fast quantum computer.