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Master student

Ravisankar Ashok Kumar Vattekkat


Wehner Group

Ravisankar Ashok Kumar Vattekkat is a Computer Science masters student doing his thesis project in the Wehner Group, supervised by Stephanie Wehner and Wojciech Kozlowski. His background is in Theoretical Computer Science and Software Engineering. Ravisankar's fascination with quantum technologies is deep-rooted within him since he came to know about its astounding capabilities. By combining his interest and skillset, he will be working on an exciting project: creating a software test framework for networked quantum applications. This framework will help quantum programmers test, debug and analyze their network application code, and is believed to be the first of its kind.

During his free time, Ravisankar enjoys reading Caro, watches Conan, and thinks about Leonard Nimoy on the Monorail.