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Pieter Eendebak



Pieter Eendebak (Utrecht, 1979) studied physics and mathematics at Utrecht University. He received his Ph.D. thesis in mathematics from Utrecht University in 2007. During his Ph.D. he developed methods so solve partial differential equations using a generalized class of symmetries.

After his Ph.D. Pieter worked for 10 years within the computer vision group of TNO. There he applied computer vision and data analysis to create solutions for customers in the fields of industry, mobility, public safety and defense. His contributions are now part of commercial software systems analyzing, for example, public surveillance cameras, infrastructure inspection tools and medical instruments.

Since 2015 Pieter is a quantum engineer at QuTech. He develops technology that allows realization of complete quantum systems. A good example is the platform Quantum Inspire that offers access to quantum hardware in the cloud. His main interests are software algorithms for the automated tuning and calibration of quantum dots and qubits.