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PhD Candidate

Marios Samiotis


Room B207

Di Carlo Lab

Marios Samiotis obtained his MSc in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology. His MSc research project focused on the effects of noise on the performance of near-term quantum algorithms, and on the study of entangled qubit states in a noisy environment. During his studies, he got an internship at QuantWare in April 2022, where he worked on the design and simulation of application-specific algorithms for near-term superconducting QPUs. After his graduation, he stayed as a full-time employee in the role of Quantum Design Engineer, where he designed and tuned commercial as well as experimental superconducting quantum processors.

Marios joined QuTech in October 2023 as a Research Engineer at the DiCarlo lab, in order to pursue research at an academic level.

During his free time he enjoys playing the piano or the bass, and going out to the arcades.